A Clydebank Curry-Heute Take-Away?

It must be the ‘New’ Café Punjab!

As a resident of this town for many years, the (New) Café Punjab (24 Alexander St, G81) Clydebank, has satisfied those moments when there is no time or desire to cook, but the taste buds are taking over. After Hector did his Curry Course at Anniesland College some eight? years ago, the tutors said that I would never buy another take-away. They were right, nearly. A couple of years later I popped into this restaurant in Alexander St and realised they had moved. I asked how long they had been at their new premises: that is when I realised it had been years.

I have been as a sit-in customer rarely. They do ‘sell’ the buffet. Not necessarily my cup of tea.
The take-away dish of choice for Hector has tended to be the Lamb Rogan Josh. At the New Café Punjab this has been different from the normal overdose of tomatoes: the sauce here is creamy and served with nuts. Other dishes have been tried, but Hector keeps coming back to this. But not tonight!

The staff at the New Café Punjab always recognise me, so it is somewhat ironic that I was spotted taking the photo outside by a young waiter who did not know me. Suspicion was aroused; the Blog was explained. There was an extensive chat about the best Curry Houses in the UK. I have yet to experience Manchester, the waiter has yet to experience Bradford. München was mentioned, one has to plant the seed that curries can be excellent outside of the UK.
The Tea Time Specials have the Tikka dishes plus sundries at £8.50, or ‘tender lamb’ as the waiter described it at £7.50.. The latter suits me, Tikka Lamb? I am not in Crawley!
The Lamb Bhuna was suggested but then the South Indian Garlic Chillie was proffered: ‘A spicy dish with rich garlic base, blended with South Indian Chillies’.
Now just look at what you get for £7.50!
A choice of Pakora or Onion Bhaji. Hector chose the vegetable (Chicken or mix £1.50 extra) Pakora, look at the plateful: this is a meal in itself. So, why the minuscule portions in restaurants where one is paying almost this much just for the starter?

Two complementary Poppadoms and Spicy Onions are included. From the choice of Rice, Nan or two Chapaties (sic), Hector chose the Chapattis… no vegetable rice tonight.

Hector asks why given the proliferation of Curry Houses do people go to those awful take-away shops selling pizza, fish and chips etc? Surely one must get a better curry from a restaurant?
As I left a familiar face was walking down Alexander St. Had the Lady of the House been present when I ordered, the above conversation would not have happened. The ‘early bird’ gets the interview.

I have never had a bad curry from the New Café Punjab. I was not disappointed tonight. There tends to be sameness about the curries presented in this house, the same basic underlying taste, the sauce one presumes. Tonight the dish was sweeter than the norm. It was probably the saltiest curry I have had in a while. This is not a negative statement!
After a relaxing hour gap the Pakora is set to be devoured. You cannot do this in a restaurant.

There is no next scheduled visit. A late night return from a trip will be the likely stimulus. Time will tell.

Over the next few days I shall be a few kilometres from Bradford but not be able to have a curry anywhere, a top up was necessary to get me through the weekend.

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