Kibbutz Curry #1 : Ashdot Ya’akov (M)

Having found no Curry Houses in Jerusalem, despite a twenty minute walk following a route to a phantom location courtesy of Google Maps, there was a distinct desire for a Curry. There was also a need for some home cooking. A couple of hours after arriving at Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov (Me’uchad) where I had spent many summers between 1980 and 1996, I found myself in a supermarket in Tiberias.

Somehow all the spice ingredients for a curry materialised in my basket. The Chicken did look strange, it cannot be Halal, but it was certainly Kosher! A cauliflower was purchased at the Ichud shop as an ‘interesting vegetable’.

As guests of Orit and Chaz there was a simple way to thank them for their hospitality : a Curry was to be cooked, Orit was far from enthusiastic. Hector held back with the Chilli, there is no point making a meal if nobody can eat it.


Chaz appears to be finding it hot, Orit was surprised that she could eat it. Other family members appeared and the kids especially got torn in .
The famous Israeli herb mix ‘Za’atar’ was used, this could be a feature of all home cooked Curry henceforth.

A feed at last…and after the meal five baskets were filled with leftovers…

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