Tel Aviv Tandoori – An Israeli Curry

This was the last night of the Grand tour of Sinai and Israel.

The self cooked curry at the Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov (Me’uchad)) had acted as a stopgap. Jerusalem was a washout. Yes there was a Tandoori in the Crown Plaza but Google Maps does not locate this accurately. This was a branch of the Tel Aviv outfit, so the source was more appealing. Then there is the phantom location that Google Maps will take you to, but there is no curry there.

My last Curry in Tel Aviv was in 1985 overlooking the Mediterranean at Jaffa. The setting was splendid, the starters were excellent, the bread out of this world, the Curry was so bland…
Before finally deciding on the Tel Aviv Tandoori (2 Zamenshoff St, at Dizengoff Square), we did check out the cheap and cheerful Bombay on Allenby, alas it was closed and perhaps not appropriate for our final big night out. And as for the colour of the façade, well…
So, Mr Google took us efficiently to Dizengoff and the Curry House was easy to locate. This was an impressive restaurant, but the question would be: is it Kosher? A pizza in Eilat with three cheeses and no meat nearly finished me. Aha! a menu with Meat Curry and the option of creamy dishes. Not that I wanted one, but one does enjoy the choice.
The chap taking our order appeared to be the head honcho. There were new names so clarification was sought. In the end Hector ordered off the Specials Board: Masa Koddi (Goan beef). I told him I wanted it hot, he understood. Marg ordered a more traditional Chicken and Mushroom. The Garlic Nan and the Vegetable Rice are our usual. However the starter was going to be different: Chicken Chat. The Chicken was served cold with a salad. This was indeed mountainous and very different from our norm. Hector to this day worries when the starters impress.

The main courses arrived after a suitable gap. Marg enjoyed her Chicken and Mushroom, Hector’s Masa Koddi was outstanding. The sauce was minimal and very thick. The Beef was magnificent. I have never had Beef so well cooked. There was a kick. Marg had a taste and instantly regretted it. This was what Hector had needed.

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