Mother India’s Cafe : Marg’s Treat

A Warm Welcome Home

Marg collected Hector from Edinburgh Airport. Mr. O’Leary’s flight from Berlin was on time, as usual.
It was Marg who decided that the Butter Chicken at The Mother India’s Cafe (Argyle St, Glasgow) was calling.
I do not know why we bother to look at the menu. However, today there was a Palak Pakora: Pakora with Spinach and Fenugreek. Unlike Berlin, these people know what do with the ingredients at their disposal.
Hector chose the Machi Masala and the Lamb Massalum with Okra (for a change). Two chapattis and the Lemon Rice with Cashew Nuts were the accompaniments.

The dishes are sublime. Two portions each is more than adequate. To have this virtually on one’s doorstep; perhaps we Glaswegians are spoiled.

The Indian Mango in München was the last time I had tasted anything as good as this.

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