Yadgar! a new Glasgow Curry Heute!

This week’s ritual Saturday Curry Heute entry is another tip-off from Neil.   Marg and Hector arrived early at the Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow G42 7QP) which is just along from the closed swimming baths and opposite the library. My first reaction was ‘Oh no, it’s just another kebab take-away outlet’ of which every city in Europe has too many. When the menu was presented it appeared that Curry was not going to be the main feature, pizzas and kebabs were inevitable inclusions. The engravings on the large glass frontage assured us otherwise: ‘Traditional Pakistani Food’. So no masquerade as ‘Indian’ here like the many Bangladeshi and Indo-Pak outlets across the city.

Dr Stan nearly walked past; perhaps he was taken by surprise too. The food counter was in the large room on the right, a more than adequate seating area occupies half of the floor area to the left. Twenty plus people could sit comfortably; we were the only three customers. This is a bright airy room, a cut above many such premises which offer sit-in meals. Marg did state later that she does prefer the ambience of restaurants-proper. Maybe this is a female thing.

Initially we were greeted by a chap who spoke excellent English but were subsequently served by a young waiter who struggled somewhat. Under the menu heading of Yadgar Tawa Karahi was the Goshat Karahi. Under the umbrella of Daily Specials was included the Alloo Gosht. The waiter did list the Daily Specials on offer, most sounded to be of a vegetarian nature. Asked exactly how the Alloo Gosht and the Goshat Karahi differ the answer was ‘in the sauce’. No other information was being offered so Hector asked the waiter directly: ‘if you wish us to come back here every week, which dish should we order?’
The Goshat Karahi was the firm reply, but we were then told it would take 45 minutes. This level of honesty was appreciated; it also meant that we could easily manage a starter and not run the risk of over indulgence or both courses arriving simultaneously. Dr Stan ordered the Seekh Kebab, Marg and Hector decided to share a Chicken Tikka. These arrived within ten minutes, the latter was excellent.

Goshat Karahi

Exactly 45 minutes after our arrival the main courses arrived.
Clearly the meals had been prepared to order, this was no ‘chicken-ding’ establishment.
Dr Stan and Marg had asked for theirs off-the-bone and medium. Hector had ordered his on-the-bone and hot!
One instinctively can tell when something special has been presented. The on-the-bone version was distinctly oilier than the counterpart. The sauce was thick; the taste we collectively agreed was ‘rich’. This was a new taste experience. We tried to identify what, if anything, dominated the masala. In the end we just ate in silence appreciating that this indeed would be a new addition to our Curry Heute circuit.
Hector was able to taste Marg’s leftovers. The Lamb was in much smaller pieces, not quite as small as a Bradford Curry would be presented. The taste was there but not as emphatic as the hotter version just completed.

A modest Fried Rice and a very large Alloo Paratha were the accompaniments. The Paratha was presented still too hot to touch, perfect.

I’m a great big happy old Hector

The experience is more than enough to go straight on to the Recommended List. Of course on the next visit the same meal will have to be ordered just to prove the consistency. Then there is the problem of tearing oneself away to sample other dishes on offer.
Howard is tempting Hector out for a Village Curry on Monday lunchtime, we shall see where we end up…

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