Yadgar : The Magnificent Seven plus one

Mr Holden is in town, we are ‘Quore Ate’

Today is the day of the assembled mass at the Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP). It is two weeks since Marg, Dr Stan and Hector first set foot in these premises. The Goshat Karahi was that impressive that Hector has being displaying his finest OCD character. Mr Holden is up from Bradford. The Village has already won him over, to get him to agree to this venue took persuasion.

If the Bradford resident approves then the place must be excellent.

Seven of us assembled at the venue bang on 15.00, one of us was fifteen minutes late.
The tables were arranged to accommodate our party, and eight plates and sets of cutlery were quickly brought to the table. No menus were issued as the order had been phoned in yesterday: no need to wait forty five minutes today.
The orders for the various accompaniments included Nan, Keema Nan, Pilau Rice, Plain Rice and Mushroom Rice for Hector.

A complementary plate of salad arrived and Mr Boyd declared that the single very large chili would be his. It was then passed around the table like a pipe of peace.
The Curry started to arrive: four Goshat Karahi on-the-bone and four off-the-bone.

What was very noticeable is the difference between the on-the-bone and the off-the-bone Curries. The former is decidedly darker and more intense. This is ‘the full Bhuna!’.

The ladies were instantly impressed by the appearance of the Masala. The levels of expectation were there heightened. It took a few minutes to get all the sundries allocated, but one by one we ‘got stuck in’. Mr Holden with his Nan led the way. For once Mr Boyd was silent. There was a companionable silence as we ate this incredibly pleasant meal.

The man from Bradford says ‘Yes!’.

Mr Holden described the taste as ‘old fashioned, but in a good way’.

Yvonne stated that the Curry was ‘flavoursome, with just the right amount of heat so as not to ruin the flavour’.
Mr Boyd spoke! ‘Good, excellent’.
Mags described her meal as ‘the best, Curry-tastic!’.
Tracey limited her pleasure description to ‘yum!’.

Howard declared his meal to be ‘piquant and delicious’.
Jonathan left straight after the meal so his comments may appear below.

Hector is just left to wonder how a meal can be this good. There is no obvious dominant taste; it is a mélange of herbs and spices cooked to perfection.
The Mushroom Rice was last to arrive but as a consequence was steaming hot.

The bill arrived: £69.30 for eight people.

This is excellent value. At these prices every day could be a Curry Day.

Meet Mr Sha, The Chef

Hector of course had to meet the Chef. The Chef was duly dispatched from the kitchen and appeared to be quite bashful. The hand of Sha was shaken by us all and our pleasure related to a now beaming Chef.

Is this the best Curry-Heute in Glasgow?

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