Cafe Salma, the Friday Night Ritual?

‘Same time, same place?’ was Dr Stan’s reply to the Curry-Heute invitation.

Hassan resplendent in a light coloured African garment was at the door to give a warm welcome.  Nadeem told me that ‘the friends of Hector’ were present last week, he was proud that he worked out who they were.

Hector did read the menu on this visit and contemplated a change but the Lamb Lahori Karahi proved to be too irresistible a thought this evening.  Dr Stan ordered the Punjabi equivalent to test the volume of added Capsicum.  We both ordered off-the-bone but in the end they brought me an on-the-bone and actually presented me with Dr Stan’s meal.  A quick swop and all was well.

Comfort eating

Not a lot is discussed during the act of eating.  It is very much of taking in all the pleasures.  Hector was very much in the comfort zone despite a seasonal ailment which was limiting the agility of the taste buds.

Kofta Palak

Nadeem as ever was full of his chat: would we be having ‘Dessert’?

We had decided to wait and see how hungry we still were after the main event.  Given the pace at which Hector consumed his Curry there was going to be plenty of room for more.  The Kofta Palak was ordered with a ten minute delay built in.

Nadeem assured us that they were just adding the extra chocolate sauce…  When it was presented Dr Stan and Hector were more than capable of destroying this with the aid of a shared Chapatti.

This is possibly approaching gluttony on our part.  When one considers that Starters were not consumed and they tend to limit the ability of a normal person to finish a Curry then this is the perfect end to the meal.

There is always a feeling of sadness at the end of a Curry-Heute, more Curry is what we want.

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