It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht…

This is proof that the culinary tastes of Hector and Marg do stray beyond the best food in the World.  Yesterday on a day in which the snow kept coming we decided on a return to one of Glasgow’s finest Greek establishments – Zorba  Mediterranean Taverna (25 High St, Glasgow, G1 1LX).  Marg had a Chicken Lemonato which speaks for itself, Hector had Stifado – his favourite Beef and Onion Stew which proved very difficult to source in the Halkidiki area of Hellas in 2009.  This dish is better than many Curries that Hector has encountered.  A larger portion would have enhanced the experience.  Perhaps next time we will have the Meze…

Tonight is Curry Night

The only way to thaw out properly was a homemade Machi Masala.  The Trout was defrosted and the Masala prepared on return from work.  Marg was appreciative as ever.  Hector thought his creation was under-seasoned.  Tonight there was an experiment with dried Methi leaves.  I killed a Curry with Methi once.  I am getting some idea of the balance now.  The Okra was added late as I have enjoyed on recent German trips, this is better than cooking it to a pulp.

Hector needed the practice – a big Saturday is scheduled.  I will also apologise in advance about the Rice – just what was it I bought 10kg of?

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