The Village : on the third day of…

3 French Hens may be traditional : Hector will not be having Chicken!

Dr Stan and Hector change the tried and tested Friday evening autumn formula and revert to a rendezvous at The Village (129 Nelson St, Glasgow, G5 8DZ).  It is as if the summer has returned… as if… this photograph was taken at noon.

Nearly a month has passed since the last visit.  This must speak volumes for the competition.  Cafe Salma and of course Yadgar have proved themselves to be more than adequate distractions.

A disappeared train – no announcement, no apology, made Hector 12 minutes late.  Dr Stan was early and so was just finishing a Chapli Kebab as I arrived.

The  Village Lamb Desi Korma and Vegetable Rice was the choice of us both – yes Dr Stan and Hector ordered the same meal!

The Curry arrived.  Today it was the orange version.  We sat in silence.  We ate the meal; every last grain of Rice was scraped off the plate.  When the lovely new waitress took the plates I told her the meal was terrible.  ‘I can see that.’ was the reply.

For hours afterwards the Citrus flavours permeated the palate.  The sadness at completing such a magnificent Curry is balance by the knowledge that the taste will linger.

Serious Competition

Meeting up with John at the Bon Accord afterwards he came straight over to relate the tale of his Curry Cohort’s visit to Cafe Salma on Wednesday.  They covered the entire Curry menu between them.  He was thoroughly impressed.  John has declared that he thinks Cafe Salma is better than The Village.  Now John basically ‘lives’ in The Village :  we shall see.

How lucky we are to have such a choice of Curry-Heute.

Next Saturday – it is written – Dr Stan and Hector are going exploring whilst others go the The Pantomime.

The Grand Re-opening

The new premises are nearing completion.  Young Mr Baig assured me there will be an opening night.  How does one get an invite?

Hector has given his calling card – I live in hope.

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