Cafe Salma, Glasgow Curry at its finest

Absent friends, and Mr Boyd

Nadeem has gone!

The mad banter that usually is associated with a visit to Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall Street, Charing X, Glasgow, G3 7PQ) has been missing for the last couple of visits. A new head waiter is in place, and the costumes appear to be evolving away from the African ‘Kaftan’ to a smart all black outfit with collar and tie.   It is three weeks since Dr Stan and I were here, too long.  Mr Boyd also turned up.

The complementary Popadoms were topped up as our numbers grew.  The orders were given.  Dr Stan selected the Lamb Lahori Karahi off-the-bone accompanied by Vegetable Rice.  Mr Boyd chose the Lamb Lahori Karahi off-the-bone accompanied by Vegetable Rice.  Strange.

Hector had an appetite

This has not been a month of abundant Curry eating despite last Saturday’s over-indulgence in Manchester.  I suspected there could be psychic jousting at work, were we going to share a Kofta Palak afterwards?  Not if I order a Garlic and Coriander Nan instead of Rice there won’t.  So, I did!  The fore-blogged small Village portions, especially when ordering on-the-bone is absolutely not an issue at Café Salma.  This is a superb place to order one’s Lamb ‘on’: one gets the full flavour and the portion is most generous.  On-the-bone it was then.

The Masala is always fully seasoned at Café Salma.  The Lamb is tender.  The infusion of the Herbs and Spices makes this dish a truly remarkable creation.  Is there a better Curry served north of the Clyde?

The staff are collectively proud of their Garlic and Coriander Nan and rightly so.  It is perhaps thinner than Nan bread served elsewhere and certainly lighter.  It is possible to eat a whole one, just.

There was not a lot of talking during the devouring of the food which is all the more unusual when Mr Boyd is present.


The new waiter brought over the Dessert menu and placed it before us.  Did he know, was this a wind up by his established colleagues?  The second waiter came over with a smile, even Hassan leant across the counter to ask: alas not tonight.

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