Yadgar, Glasgow’s Finest Curry

Dr Stan and Hector have been dining together on a Friday evening whenever we are both in town for some months now.  This was our first scheduled Yadgar trip together for some time and our first Friday evening rendezvous at Yadgar (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP).

The Beard of Shkoor

Hector was first to arrive followed a few minutes later by Shkoor, mein host, whose beard is returning to the splendour featured in Ian ‘Mr Snax’ Cowie’s YouTube video.  The new Facebook page for Yadgar was being discussed as Dr Stan arrived.

The Menu

The menus were brought to the table but the entire meal was pre-ordered: 1kg of Goshat Karahi (on-the-bone, hot, dry), one Vegetable Rice and one Mushroom Rice with two Chapattis.  A Feast.

Starter’s Orders

Shkoor confirmed that we were ready for the off.  A plate of Salad appeared accompanied by two Popadoms and a large bowl of Roughly Cut (Grobschnitt!) Spiced Onion.

A bowl of Raita appeared then Shkoor re-appeared:

Shkoor: ‘Do you like Lassi?’

Hector: ‘Is that of the Mango variety?’

Shkoor: ‘Whatever you wish…’

A Banquet

All of the above was complementary.  There are many Curry Houses in the city who would have charged for each of the above items and inflated the bill needlessly.  This is a Yadgar  welcome and this is Yadgar service.  Of course Shkoor also knows that the readers will now expect the same when they visit: so make yourself known as a follower of ‘The Blog of Hector’.  There is also talk for a special night for the Facebook followers of Yadgar.

Room for more

The Goshat Karahi arrived, it should really be ‘Piped in’ with pomp and ceremony.  This is the best Curry I have tasted in Glasgow, by far!  Tonight’s Chef was Mr Arshad.  He has yet to have his photograph taken but now that Hector has his name he will be made famous soon.

Dr Stan took a sizeable portion and spread it on the magnificent Vegetable Rice.  The Rice is probably from the Biryani stable it is not just Rice.  I followed on, the Mushroom Rice looked and tasted fine.  The perfect accompaniments; at £1.50 a portion great value too.  The Goshat Karahi al la Arshad was certainly potent, the Masala towards the minimum, and decidedly redder than that of Sha.  We ate, mostly in silence.

In fact the conversation actually was quite lucid compared to other evenings:

Dr Stan: ‘Do you know the dates of your October Week?’

Hector: ‘I shall tell you when I have finished eating.’


It took quite a while to demolish the Goshat Karahi.  It is the equivalent of eating two Curries, each.  One Chapatti would have done, our only concession to gluttony.

The Mango Lassi was a fine way to conclude the event.  This gave us time to let the meal settle before charging back across the city to the Bon Accord.

Shkoor asked ‘Why Curry?’  I gave him a synopsis of what is posted on the menu at the top of the page (for those readers who have yet to realise that there are other pages on this Website – click on the labels beneath the array of photographs on the banner).  Hector’s Curry Lust is insatiable.


Trying to put Bier on top of Mango Lassi is not recommended.

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