‘The Three Yadgarteers’

This Curry-Heute was originally a quiet dinner for two, Dr Stan and Hector.  Shkoor had acknowledged the emailed order within a couple of hours of it being placed yesterday, perfect.  Jonathan decided today on the train from Aberdeen to phone in and extend the order, a complication as it would turn out.

At 15.05 we were assembled and ready for the off.  The young waiter approached us for the usual round of Fanta, the complementary Salad, Popadoms Onion Chutney, Mango Chutney and dips were brought for the kitchen. Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, we are being spoiled, again.

Three Rice had been ordered: Vegetable Rice, Mushroom Rice and Egg Rice.  We have certainly been undercharged for these in the past.  This is not just the normal Pilau but essentially the start of a Biryani.  The Rice has been spiced to perfection.  The Mushrooms (for me) were large and fresh. Dr Stan evidently likes Capsicum.  At £3 a portion definitely worth it, one knows the meal will be complete.

Mr Shah’s work of art

The large Karahi containing 1kg of Lamb (on-the-bone) was presented, there should be a fanfare.  We were then puzzled when two more plates of Lamb Karahi (off-the-bone) appeared.  Why the extra plate?  Now Jonathan had order a half kilo which strictly speaking is not on the menu, but the order had been accepted.  (More on this below).  We were advised that Jonathan’s half kilo was in two parts, hence plates. Fair enough, but who was going to eat all this, even we have limitations.

From the first mouthful to the last the Yadgar Lamb Karahi at the hands of Mr Shah is absolute pleasure.  If there is a Curry Orgasm then this is the place to experience it.  Without even asking, Shkoor had arranged for the kilo to be served with a thick dry-ish Masala.  The meal was spiced up a notch or two, but not to perspiration levels.  Hector visits Asian grocers regularly and has bought just about everything on the shelves.  What on earth is in this Curry that makes it so pleasurable?

Mr Shah emerged for the kitchen to take his bow and ensure all was well.  ‘Wonderful!’ brought a smile of satisfaction to his face.  ‘Why are you not a millionaire?’ I asked. This is the man I shall be voting for in this year’s Curry awards.

The Voracious Dr Stan

Between us we polished off the kilo, Hector having reached the level of total satisfaction.   Jonathan was struggling with his second portion.  Dr Stan to the rescue once again, had he not had breakfast?  Even Dr Stan was defeated and so a small sample was set aside for transportation off the premises.

The Bill

£50?  This was more than we anticipated (the only time this has ever happened).  The half kilo had come back to haunt us.  Jonathan had been given two normal portions, hence the two plates.  It was explained to us that one portion is 300g, and a kilo is therefore three portions.  Now, one does not need a PhD to work out that this does not tally.  Fortunately we did have one in the company. A couple of quid was knocked off the bill and all was well.  This also means that we had ordered five Curries!  And why not?

The Verdict

There is little need for us to congratulate each other on turning out eat this fine meal.  However at 21.58 this evening, Dr Stan texted Hector with the following message:

I think the curry we had was one of the most enjoyable I’ve had.’

Mr Holden, Dr Stan has spoken.  What has Bradford got to offer us now?

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