The Alishan Tandoori : it has been too long since Hector’s last visit

One of the 5 places for a great Glasgow Curry

… so wrote The Herald many years ago.

From the mid 1990’s until 2004 the Alishan Tandoori (250 Battlefield Rd, Battlefield, Glasgow, G42 9HU) was easily Hector’s Favourite Curry House in Glasgow.  Lord Clive of Crawley still asks on occasion why we have not been there for so long.  The answer is simple, in 2004, Hector first set foot in The Village, the rest they say…

Princess of the Rose

Hector was therefore very long overdue in returning to eat one of the great signature dishes of Glasgow Curry : the Pholan Devi.  The Alishan menu has the usual dishes that the eaters of Curry have come to expect.  There is also the range of Chef’s Specialities, but then comes the Alishan Specialities of which the Pholan Devi has always been the stand out dish.  Now we also have Chico’s Choice, Recommended by the man himself: from this Marg chose the Lakh Patti (The Chef’s Wealth).  The menu describes the Masala as being prepared with Mince in addition to the usual ingredients.  Topped with Spinach, Chillies et al this dish does not mess about – I am sure it has everything on.

So the Pholan Devi.  This dish is possibly the first dish Hector experienced to have a distinct Citrus element to the Masala, so is it any wonder The Village seduced me with their Desi/Tawa range?  Once upon a time it was presented in its own special pot but sadly they stopped doing this some years ago.

We arrived at 19.20 a few minutes after the time of our booking.  It is better to book as the place does a roaring trade.  The three main staff members have not changed in all the time that Hector has visited the Alishan.  The welcome is always superb.  It took a few minutes for the main man to recognise ‘Hector’ but when the camera appeared he was straight over to find out why I was recording every dish.  He had also spotted me taking the exterior shot. I suggested I would tell him at the end, he was having none of this.  I made my apologies for not having been to this most excellent Curry House in all this time and had to relate the places that tempt me most currently.  A good write up – was promised.

The Sundries

The Alishan Menu does not have Sundries as an afterthought; the list is possibly the most comprehensive in the city.  As well as the two main players, they do ten Rice combinations.  We opted for the Multani: with Eggs and Mushroom.

Then there is the Naan…

Nowhere outside of Bradford sells such an impressive Naan.  Years ago we witnessed a table order two; there was mass hilarity across the restaurant.  16 Naan variants are available, we ordered our standard old faithful the Garlic Naan.  This comes covered in a green Garlic paste – the taste is powerful – apologies to all those who sat with us at Blackfriars afterwards saying ‘farewell’ to Bernard.  Has Bernard gone yet?

The service was quick, no Starters so no hanging about.  Robin would love this.

The Lamb in the Pholan Devi was thoroughly cooked, and it was definitely Lamb, perfection.  The Masala was Thick and Spicy.  Hector has to admit that the – killer taste – was not present, however with a Coriander and Herb blast, this remains one of the great Curry Dishes in one of the great Glasgow Curry houses.  Marg raved about her Lakh Patti.  She found the meat to be perfection.  She loved the Masala; she loved the Garlic oozing from the Naan.  Indeed she further complemented the Naan as being thinner than the norm and therefore not so doughy.

Hector was permitted to sample some of Marg’s dish.  The Lakh Patti was decidedly drier in taste but did not have the kick of the Pholan Devi.

We shall have to come back and sample more of the Specialities, Hector suspects Marg shall insist.

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  1. Simon Cook says:

    Just visited this place last night ( my second visit ), it was superb. Started with the chicken chat and went onto devour a lamb saag with a peshwari naan. Summing it all up with one word…..Fantastic. I will return soon.


  2. Tracey says:

    aaaahhhhhh… the naan from hell!

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