Hector at The Village, very unlikely…

She knows you know

There was a dearth of Bier in the city of Glasgow today.  Given the Curry intake in previous days Hector had not organised any distraction.  15.00 came and went, the Drum and Monkey’s Jaipur was potable but not outstanding.  As the company disintegrated Mags announced she was going for a Takeaway at The Village (129 Nelson Street, Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8DZ)  on her way home.  She knows the rule.

A short bus hop across the river and we were sat in the middle of the temporary accommodation.  Temporary ? – not much has changed across the street in the weeks since the last visit.

No need for a menu

Two Village Lamb Desi Kormas (hot) off-the-bone, one large Mushroom Rice, and a Garlic and Coriander Nan was the order given to the gracious young lady who now patrols the tables.

There were other diners but the Curry did not take too long to appear, ah the joy of not sitting down in a large group.

Please, Sir – can I have some more?

April 16 (2011)                         October 16 (2010)

Hector has made more than passing comment on the fact that the portions at The Village have been shrinking in recent times.  (Don’t even think about ordering Lamb on-the-bone.)  Tonight’s portion was smaller than Starters I have had in Bradford.  Has Glasgow adopted the ‘London portion’ ?

The Nan bread was terrible, it had not risen.  The presented Rice was a single portion of Pilau, not what had been ordered.  Fortunately it was Master Baig who brought the order to the table and so the Rice problem was quickly rectified.  However, there was no magic wand to make the pieces of meat multiply.

Having asked for hot this certainly was.  The Citrus was evident but not much else, this had been overdone.  Mags thought it was seriously hot. She recalled how a previous hot Curry had been left in her fridge overnight and became much more accessible the next day; this became her tactic for tonight as a doggy bag was sought for the small quantity  she did not eat.  Meanwhile Hector had scraped his bowl clean.

The Bill

£22 is again in the realm of the affordable; however I would rather pay more and guarantee sufficiency.  Master Baig was manning the till when we left and so it became the perfect opperchancity to make some quiet remarks.

Hector’s Comments

The portions are visibly smaller, so please put up the price if required and give us back a meal.

Ordering Lamb on-the-bone is now a non starter given the portion size is the same as off-the-bone and em, there is bone debris left ….  I was told that Lamb on-the-bone is dearer. Not in the Halal shops I visit. (This will be verified, I was told.)

Why not sell by the (half-) kilo? Then one knows exactly what to expect.

It is written

Yvonne has declared that our next Curry-Heute gathering shall be here at The Village: Saturday 23rd.  Dr Stan and Hector may order three portions between us, else I shall be having a Starter/Dessert.

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