Cambridge, the Curry Queen

This is Hector’s third visit to Cambridge and his third visit to the Curry Queen (106 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BD). The first visit was outstanding hence the return which was not quite so memorable. Tonight determines whether this venue deserves to join the list of Hector’s Recommended Curry Houses.

After a day of excellent pubs and bland Bier in Norwich, we returned to Cambridge to find Jaipur awaiting us in the Kingston Arms. This must have been a good omen for Curry eating but not for Man U whom we watched succumb to the magnificent Barcelona. As soon as the presentation ceremony was over we left Bernard (in Cambridge en route from South America) and Craig and nipped around the corner for food.

At 22.00 or so the place was not so busy. We squeezed into our seats and declined the offer of Poppadoms. Marg announced she was having Lamb Palac, Hector nearly fainted. What on earth has happened to this dear maiden who never strayed from Korma? Hector could not identify any clear winner in the selection stakes and so engaged the young waiter. He immediately passed me to a more experienced chap who listened to me identify my requirements. Hari Mirchi Spice was what he suggested. At first glance at the menu this appeared to be a suitable solution. A Mushroom Rice and an Aloo Paratha were the accompaniments, for a change.

Well within One Robin

The meals were presented and Marg became very excited about her dish. ‘You would love this!’ she declared. It had a kick, genuine flavour with Citrus to complement the Spinach. As Marg always leaves me some I knew I would have the chance for further comment.

The Hari Mirchi Spice had a strange green glow, well this is how it appeared in the viewfinder, but not necessarily in the flesh. Two large Green Chillies were floating in the Masala, this looked to be quite a treat. The Masala was wonderful, the request for ‘dry’ had clearly got lost, but come on, when a Masala is this good it is worth celebrating. The only criticism Hector had about his meal was that it was Tikka Lamb that had been presented. However, this Tikka Lamb was done to perfection. The BBQ flavour was a pleasant change, the meat itself was decidedly succulent. It is rare to find Tikka Lamb this good. Crawley was probably the last time.

The Rice portion did not look huge but was deceptive. The Paratha was on the small side but despite having eaten little since breakfast we were still marginally defeated by the overall quantity of the meal.

Marg had left four pieces of tender Lamb. One can only speculate as to how much meat we had been given initially. Hector was determined that this was not going to waste. Marg ordered coffee, Hector slowly cleared the leftovers. The tender Lamb was slightly on the chewy side, the Tikka was definitely the better option.

The Bill

At under £30 with two soft drinks and a coffee, this was good value too.

The Verdict

Overall this venue has impressed again and so deserves to be the first Cambridge entry in the Recommended List.

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