A New Yadgar Experience

With Marg in Aberdeen on Hockey business, Hector was at large on the Southside for the third consecutive day.  Like last Sunday, Kofta was foremost in the mind.  This Post was intended to be Sheerin Palace, Part 2, alas the required dish was not available.  Yesterday’s Lamb was still on display, but the whole point of Curry is the vast range in styles and flavours so there is no need to eat the same thing everyday.  The Chicken dish was still there too but Hector does not seek Chicken, there must be different Lamb around the corner.

And so for only the third time, Hector entered Yadgar (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) unannounced.  Today’s Lamb dish was not obvious, I asked at the counter.  Lamb Karela?  Well, yes please was the obvious reply.

I took my usual seat about 17.00, there were other diners and on occasion the doorway was wedged with people ordering Take-Aways.  Shkoor appeared from the kitchen he had obviously been told I was in the house.  He was pleased that I had turned up to try something different.  I always said I would, today is the day.

I declined all offers of Salad, Starters etc.  I shall eat my Karela Gosht and two Chapattis and concentrate on what pleases me most: eating Curry.

Regular readers will know that Karela, the so called Bitter Melon, has featured quite a bit in the last couple of months.  This Vegetable gives Curry something different.  The New Karahi Palace is where I had my first Karela experience.  Karela was also the key ingredient in my last home-cooked creation.

The Chapattis and the Curry arrived.  Today I had something to dip.  Shkoor reappeared to check it was OK.  It is much better than OK.  It was not the best Curry served in Glasgow, that title must be given to the Goshat Karahi served on these premises.  This was very good, but not outstanding.  The Masala was dark and thick, not dissimilar to that served on Friday evening.  The Lamb was on-the-bone, great.   The two Chapattis were the perfect accompaniment.  The fork was never used.

Dessert? No way!

Shkoor is of the opinion that a main dish is a prelude to a great Dessert.  Hector would not mind if he never ate another Dessert.  Let the flavour of the Curry linger as long as possible.

The Bill

£7.50.  This included a Coke.  People were almost queueing out the door as I left.  One Chap had a large Take-Away which included the spectacular Goshat Karahi.  Next time.

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