The Keighley Curry House, fed here at last…

Two and one half years ago we had a trip to Yorkshire to celebrate Craig’s 50th Birthday.  Keighley was as close as we got to Bradford on that trip; the Curry House (112/114 East Parade, Keighley, BD21 5JA) was the designated Curry venue.  Early in the afternoon a table for our group of ten was arranged for 18.00, we had a train to catch back to Settle, time was crucial.  The booking was accepted on the basis that we had left the premises by 19.00, there was another large group already booked.  This was perfect.

Needless to say, despite arriving punctually, the venue became greedy and took ages to serve us, the Starter came shortly before 19.00 and by 19.00 we knew we had no time to eat.  Despite our warnings we ended up having to leave.  The Starters and drinks were paid for, some of our group to this day consider this to be over generous.

Tonight was of course a case of unfinished business.  Bradford was our intended destination; however, we had such a great time in Huddersfield at The Grove with Judith and John we knew Keighley would be a more comfortable venue at which to eat.  A taxi thereafter back to Haworth would be no inconvenience.

Marg was not in the mood for the Full Bhuna and so decided a couple of Starters would be sufficient.  I have noted a Mixed Lebanese Starter accompanied by Chicken Pakora.  Inevitably this proved to have more eating than any Curry.  Marg enjoys Starters.  Hector likes Curry.

The Lamb Tava was chosen: (“This appetising medium spice dish which is cooked with tender chicken or lamb marinated in green masala which consists of  green long beans, cherry tomatoes, garnished with touch of lemon juice and fresh coriander.”)  The Vegetable Rice was ordered as my accompaniment.

Whilst we waited there was time to count the number of seats, 42.  So this is a medium sized venue.  Given a couple of famous names up the road, this place was doing good business.  The signs were encouraging.

Marg’s Mixed Kebab was pronounced to be dry.  I asked for some Raita which appeared immediately, they had forgotten to bring it.  There were apologies at the end.

As asked, Marg’s meal was timed to arrive with my own.  I was presented with the hot plate on which a sizzling platter was placed.  The plate for the Vegetable Rice was also too hot to touch.  Going well.

I examined the Curry – is this dish not a Stir Fry?  Now where does Stir Fry end and Dry Curry begin?  I dislike intensely when I am given a plate of Soup, this is at the other rend of the spectrum.  The overall flavour was very pleasant but did not pack too much of a punch.  I must declare that I became much more positive about this dish than when I first gazed upon it.  The Cherry Tomatoes numbered two, one ended up on the floor.  The Green Beans were an interesting diversion; I may employ this as a future ingredient myself.

The Bill

It was Marg’s turn, a gentleman does not look.  I believe it was modest.

The Aftermath

On presenting my calling card the was a bit of interest.  Hopefully the chaps will read this review and take on board the events of 2009.

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