Sur Mandir; a Salted again in Erlangen

DB were in a more efficient mode today. The twenty three minute journey from Bamberg to Erlangen took twenty two minutes. Hector was tempted to return to the impressive Curry House, but there must be more to the Erlangen Curry scene than this. There are a disproportionate number of outlets for this size of town. And when one considers the number of Curry Houses in Nurnberg just another fifteen minutes away, one has to speculate as to why this part of Frankonia is blessed with so many Curry outlets.

With Google Maps on display, the rather un-trusted HTC would provide the necessary navigation. Two venues were close together, this doubled the opperchanity of a lunchtime feed. Sur Mandir (Luitpold Strasse 18, Erlangen) revealed itself first. I would have described the address as being on Bismarckstrasse myself.

The rain of two days ago had been consigned to history, the brilliant sun, low in the sky, had made the reactive lenses fully functional. I entered Sur Mandir and saw Mein Host sitting directly in front of me. I could see little else. The dim electric lights, the shades drawn and the unlit candles added to my visual impairment. I sat at the first table and was given a menu. I could not read it. Removing the glasses made life slightly better, the candle was lit, Hector can see.

The Mutton Handi was the clearly lunch of champions. I had understood that the house operated a Spice rating based on the level of the Complimentary Poppadom, I don’t understand. Madras? Mein Host suggested. By now any attempt at Deutsch had dissipated, his English was on a par with mine.

The Poppadom was Spicy, it is also the Saltiest Poppadom I have ever tasted. I ate only half of it.

Little more than ten minutes had passed when the Bits started to arrive. A candle heater was laid before me and lit. The meat bowl containing a very Red Curry was placed on top. Enough Basmati Rice for two was presented along with a Side Salad.

The redness of the Masala had me worried, in fact the pulped Tomato content of the Masala had added to this, it was not all food colouring. The Masala was once again of the old fashioned, not Soup, but not runny consistency. Three Black Cardamom pods were separated from the edible part of the Curry.

The Masala was hot, really hot. I know someone who would have died instantly had this been set before him. The Salt content was again noticeable. Perhaps the Karrah effect worked well. There were flavours emanating from the Masala despite the heat. The Lamb was tender, at times I speculated as to how long the Meat and the Masala had been in each others company.

About one third of the Rice ended up on my plate. This was a waste. I did not know how anyone could have eaten all this. As for the Side Salad, I am sure the next customer must have enjoyed it.

The Bill

€16.00 This  included a glass of Sparkling Water. This was approximately twice the price of the Curry House. As I paid I offered my Calling Card. Not for the first time, the mention of Website had the recipient thinking I was trying to sell the business a Website. I have been here twenty years, in fact twenty years last week, without a computer. – Hector was told.

The Aftermath

This was a Curry I shall probably not forget. I was back at the Bahnhof in good time to catch the S Bahn to Buttenheim where ?Stan! awaited. Meantime Howard was wandering around Erlangen trying to find the Kitzmann Brewery Tap, how Hector’s priorities have changed.

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