München, Indian Mango

It is almost two years since the Lady Eleanor joined our fairly frequent trips to Munchen. On the last occasion the Indian Mango (Zweibruckenstrasse 15,  80331, München) was closed over the New Year period. She was the only person to join Hector for Curry-Heute.  I told our young host in October that I would be back in four weeks, I was.

The Fisch Chettinad is possibly the finest Fish Curry I have ever experienced, so this was Hector’s selection.  Eleanor who probably eats as mush Curry as Hector opted for the Lamb Chettinad.  Hopefully her days of Chicken are being left behind.

We were the first diners of the day, one of the young twin chefs had smiled in recognition as we we entered.  Our Host came back to the table to verify that we did wish our meals to be Spicy.

The wait was not a long one.  The inclusive Boiled Basmati was brought to the table along with the Curry.  Eleanor had suggested that we might share our meals so that she could enjoy the best of both worlds.  Hector does not eat this way, if I order a meal I expect to eat all of it.

I certainly do not mind hoovering up any leftovers.  Today there were none, all the bowls were scraped clean.

I was later asked what type of Fisch I had eaten.  Fish was my reply.  It was white and light.  The crunchiness of the accompanying herbs and Vegetables create a perfect texture.  The slivers of Fresh Ginger are commonplace in the better outlets these days.  Marg must include the magic device that creates these in the xmas stocking this year.

Eleanor was of course impressed by the wonderful experience that is Indian Mango.  Hector cannot deny that a visit here is as important as the other great  München attractions.  I could easily have come back here for tea, however the Pschorr Haus was already booked.

The Bill

€37.80 including two soft drinks.  The Chettinad dishes are almost twice the price of the standard Curry served at Mango.

The Aftermath

Having walked last month up and down the long stairs at the Isartor Bahnhof, the climb was woeful, far better to walk down to Isartor than face this again.  Ironically, the escalators are now working; we jumped on the S Bahn  back to Marienplatz.  The sun shone brilliantly in the blue sky, time to enjoy the other charms of this wonderful city.

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