Bradford, The International, Curry#1 : It may have taken ages to get here, but I made it…

After the pleasant but brief visit to the Saltaire Brewery, ?Stan! kidnapped us before we had a chance to check-in at The Holiday Inn Express in the fair city of Bradford. It was well after midnight when we finally took the elevator to the second floor where reception is located. On presenting our bookings, the Chaps announced that Expedia had not transferred the payment to them, there was problem with my credit card, and that we would have to pay again. There was also the matter of a US address on the form they wanted us to sign. By the time we got hold of a rep at Expedia and the confusion was all sorted, it was 01.30.

At 01.45 Hector sat down at his table for one in The International (40-42 Morley St, Bradford, BD7 1BA). The welcome was appreciated, I have been here a few times this year. The Complementary Poppadom and Dips were set on the table and the main Chap came to take the order. The Lamb Karahi Methi had put me in an ecstatic place on the last visit in September. This had to be the Curry-Heute. ‘Rice or Chapattis.’ This wonderful Bradford tradition of including Rice and Chapattis in the quoted price for a dish makes a mockery of places trying to charge £1.80 for a single Chapatti.

At the adjacent table four chaps were finishing their meal. One appeared to be be a Curry Guru, a couple of his mates were not necessarily sharing his enthusiasm. Maybe they were tired.

As I shared my happy situation vie the HTC, I was ignoring the Poppadom. The meal was brought. The warm plate was set aside. The cutlery wrapped in a serviette was set aside too. With three Chapattis as my tools and the hot Karahi pot itself, nothing else required.

02.00 on a Saturday morning. What dafter time is there to eat a Curry? I could not let a Friday night in Bradford pass without a Curry, it was now clearly Saturday morning. There were nods of approval given to each member of staff who passed by. They could see that I was in that special Bradford Curry Zone. There really is nothing like this. The Masala, what there is of it, clings to the Lamb. The Lamb itself is not served as soft as it can be in Glasgow. This is not melt in the mouth, decidedly more chewy. The flavours are indescribable. If Hector knew how to describe flavours this website would take on a whole new level of writing. This is Bradford Curry at its absolute best.

The staff showed an appreciation of my appreciation. The Curry Guru had become intrigued at my photographing the food. He took my card. We both knew that what we had eaten was spectacular.

 The Bill

£7.50. For an outstanding Curry and of course three Chapattis included.

The Aftermath

Mein Host asked how long I was down for. He knows I am from Glasgow, he used to deliver to the House of Shah and ate at The Village. Yadgar he knows too. I told him I would visit more often if they were open earlier. 16.00 is the norm. He assured me they would be open at Noon. I as given a card and told to phone any-time after 11.30, I would be let in.

We discussed other Curry options. The Fish is something I have never tried here. Then I spotted, tucked away on the far right of the laminated menu: Lamb Karela.

There would have to be two more visits to The International, today.

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