Frying Tonight! – The Machi Masala

The  Fish Curry always goes down well in Hector’s House.

A Supermarket Coup saw Hector relieve the local Sainsburys of two Trout for a very modest sum.  They looked at me coldly: ‘We want to be cooked in your lovely Creamy Curry-Heute.’ is what their eyes imparted.

It takes no time at all to cook a Fish Curry.  Tonight I may sneak in some Methi and see if Marg notices. Fresh Parsley too, there is no fresh Coriander in the House.  KRK is overdue a visit.

The full twenty minutes was given to the pulping Onion, Grated Ginger and Garlic.

Salmon Fillets have a definite advantage over Trout – nay Bones!  The Bones do give themselves up once cooked so not a problem.

Cream and Methi?

This worked a treat.  There was subtle bitterness which balanced perfectly the aromatic sweetness from the Black Cardamoms.  Marg took her first taste and balked – too Spicy?  She had been caught unawares but found it not as overwhelming as she first thought. This is a recipe that one can follow precisely, or play around with it.  The Methi and Fresh Parsley may well make another appearance in Hector’s Cooking.


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