250,000 ! A Quarter of a Million Clicks on Curry-Heute.com

Another landmark figure has been reached in Hector’s World of reviewing Curry.

Since April the number of visitors has become significant, my thanks to all those who read regularly, people tell me they do!

I became aware yesterday that the key figure could be reached this weekend.  Just after midnight the counter ticked over and I caught it at 250, 017.  After some sleep I find it approaching 251,000.  I know I have one reader in the USA as it was he who put me in touch with Shkoor of Yadgar fame.  To those who operate in different time zones and have never experienced a Glasgow or Bradford Curry, well, keep salivating.  If anyone finds themselves with a few hours lay over at London’s Gatwick Airport, take a taxi to Crawley.  There are two absolute gems in this former New Town.  As for the Deutsche Leser, any tip-offs would be appreciated, and Köln calls next weekend…

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  1. Ahmed Afzal says:

    Dear Hector,
    Congrats on the 250k landmark.
    Have you tried “Google Analytics”?
    By the way I am the person who got you and Shkoor together and I am not in the US.

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