Bradford – Sheesh Mahal – The Sheesh Mahal has re-opened!

The Sheesh Mahal (6 Saint Thomas’s Road, Bradford, BD1 2RW) re-opened exactly one week ago.  The Friends of Hector are in town, let the Hector have his Curry!

Arriving from New Year in Ulverston via an afternoon in Haworth, a night in Bradford was a necessity.  Hector could not possibly be this close to Bradford and not have Curry.  In September Marg and Hector found the Sheesh Mahal had been demolished.  In November the shell had been completed and the interior was due for fitting.  How they have rebuilt these premises to this standard is a mystery to this commentator who has watched The Village (Glasgow) still not open their new premises after nearly two years.  One has to admit, the rebuild was necessary, this was not the most attractive of venues, however the Curry was outstanding.

Would it be the same?

Jonathan, Marg and Hector left some of the company behind in Haigy’s.  There was a second Curry sitting planned for this evening, Hector would be attending both.  We now had Ricky, the great Bradford Curry Guru and his mate Mick in tow.  I was last to enter having had to take the ritual photos of the new exterior.  I did a double take with Omar, now sporting a beard. Omar recognised me; I was introduced to his Dad, Taj.

There is now a spacious upstairs; the café style has been maintained.  A metal spiral staircase separates the floors.  Perhaps this may separate the late night diners too.  The Sheesh Mahal now looks splendid, Marg was impressed.  The staff wear either shirts or polo shirts with the Sheesh Mahal logo.  I tried to buy a polo shirt.  I shall keep asking on every visit.  (XXL please!)

The Complimentary Poppadoms and Dips were already on the table when I sat down, more were brought.  Marg was given a menu, I was not.  My order had already been recited to me whilst chatting to Mein Host Jr.  Marg ordered a Kashmiri, Ricky is determined to try all of the strange additions to the menu.  I witnessed him dining on Sheep’s Brain last year, other parts of the anatomy appear to interest him currently, and they come in pairs.  Jonathan and ?Stan! ordered Keema Balti and Keema Masala and Mick ordered Chicken.

Seekh Kebabs were ordered by the other Chaps, Hector was keeping the appetite intact.

And so the food arrived. The Lamb on-the-bone, the Masala, the complexity of the flavours, the Sheesh Mahal serves the perfect Curry.  I could have sat and eaten this all night.

Marg enjoyed her selection.  It will be interesting to hear Jonathan’s choice of venue next time we are in Bradford.  Ricky admits to alternating between here and The International.  ?Stan! said nothing, but no doubt will be back in February – our next planned visit.

The Bill

£49.10.  For fifteen years or so the Sheesh Mahal has given CAMRA members a 10% discount.  Ricky negotiated the Discount, whilst Marg organised the Tip. We ended up back where we started.

The Aftermath

Once the Bill was sorted we were about to leave when we were asked to sit down again.  A platter of Dessert was presented.  Even Hector tasted a very sweet moist sample.

And so to The Fighting Cock.

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  1. John says:

    Sounds Good

    I’m looking forward to our official visit at the start of next month



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