Shahed’s, Union Street, Glasgow

Established 1974 it says above the window of the latest Curry Café to be established in Glasgow.  Located in a main thoroughfare across the road from the side entrance to Central Station, Shahed’s (78-80 Union St, Glasgow, G1 3QS) is on a prime site.  When the scaffolding disappears from the redevelopment next door this place will be even more visible.

The 1974 refers to their first shop, a takeaway next door to the Allison Arms on Pollokshaws Rd, so Hector has definitely sampled their fare at some time over the last forty years, even if it was just a Pakora.

With another branch in Giffnock one can only deduce that they are confident in what they sell.

It was John who tipped me off about this place over the holiday period.  He had taken advantage of the £5.50 Specials Offers and had been satisfied with what he was given.  As Hector entered the City Centre premises at 21.00, later than he normally would on a Friday evening (?Stan!  was away on his travels) the place was empty but very bright.  Everything was gleaming and with Charcoals their closest, and more dingy competitor, these premises should stand out more.

Having parked the jacket I went up to the counter.  Table service did not appear to be on offer.  I told the young Chap I was not interested in their Special Offers but was interested in procuring the best Curry they could provide.  I was passed to what I later established was Mein Host. The website suggests that this must be young Shahed himself, a trained Chef.  He listened to what my description of a Curry should be and took the order.  I made it clear what I did not want as much as what I did want: no Soup, Capsicum – a dry preference, bitter if possible.  Hector has been very spoiled in recent weeks with the Bradford trip still last week and the wonderful meals prepared at The Punjabi Charing Cross.

I had in effect ordered the Special Lamb Karahi (Meat or poultry cooked in an Indian wok with green chilli, tomato, garlic then served with lashing of coriander and freshly sliced ginger strips, creating a lovely dry and spicy dish).  This ticked the boxes.

Mein Host brought the meal with Chapattis to the table himself.  It looked appealing but did not match the description as written.  Perhaps I had been given a further variant.   At the time of eating I had not read the description anyway.  The dish was in no way dry, and the promised Ginger Strips were not evident.  The taste is the important thing.  This was decidedly sweet, but than having overdosed on Karela and Methi in the last few weeks the palate would find any Curry without these to be so.

The Chapattis and the Curry were steaming hot, this was just as well.  The room was freezing, the door was open, and there was a balance of temperature with the street outside.  I suppose it is better for them to have their door open to prove they are open for business so I have no real complaint with their tactic.

Overall this was a pleasant experience and definitely worth another try.

The Bill

£9.10.  £7.50 for the Curry and £1.60 for the Chapattis – which of course in Bradford would have been included in the price of the Curry.

The Aftermath

Hector finally made it to the Bon Accord where ?Stan! was leaving as I arrived.  How did this happen?  He has decided that our next Friday night outing in this city will be the Banana Leaf.  ?Stan! also has a strategy for Manchester next weekend, what is happening with this man?

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