The Halimah, Musselburgh

Surprisingly pleasant, but not perfect

This is Hector’s fourth trip to Musselburgh and my first sit down Curry. A taste of Yvonne’s super-hot Yaadgar Takeaway last year would surely be bettered. The Chaps and Chapattis left Marg and Hector in the Staggs and headed home. As we are flying out from Edinburgh at lunchtime tomorrow, a night in Musselburgh extended the holiday. Yes, folks, Hector is on vacation again.

There was a choice of two Curry venues both in the High Street. We passed Halimah to check out the Shish which somehow did not reveal itself despite an advertising board on the pavement. So, back to the Halimah (76 High St, Musselburgh, East Lothian, EH21 7BX) it was. From the outside it did not look too inviting. On entering it became even less so. The music was blaring and we were shown to seat in the heart of the house right under a ceiling speaker. This was declined and we were re-seated near the door in a quieter area. The place was indeed busy, but what were they eating? By this time we had spotted that the majority of the people were female, and a certain age. We soon realised the venue was not licensed, so presumably the ladies had all brought their own bottles. This must be the local gathering pace for whatever one does late in Musselburgh on a Saturday evening.

The menus were delivered and Poppadoms offered. Little did we know that we had now clocked a Bill for £2.25. This is shocking.

The choice of dishes on the menu was not vast and Chicken was to the fore. The description of the Kata Aloo Goshti was appealing: Herbs, Coriander, the avoidance of the Mushy Vegetable. Marg had spotted this too but opted instead for a Creamier dish, the Lamb Kingfisher. A Vegetable Rice and two Chapattis were the accompaniments.

A Sparkling Water and a small glass of Mango Lassi would amuse us whilst we waited for the mains, alas the Lassi did not show. Marg asked again, still no Lassi. We were halfway through eating when it was finally delivered. Wtf? This was not Mango Lassi, they had waved the Mango over the Glass. The glass was also not small. It was sent back, a replacement was promised, meanwhile tap-water was the solution. When the Lassi finally re-appeared it was so thick it was not realy drinkable. On top of a Curry this would have an obvious effect. Most of it was left, it was On The House we were told.

So, dear reader, we are not doing too well, fortunately the Curry did impress.

The Kata Aloo Goshti was delightfully dry. The promised blend of Herbs was present, I have to congratulate them on serving this very fine dish. A bit more Lamb and Spice and it could have been perfect. Perhaps the balance had been tipped in favour of the Potato content, however, I do enjoy Vegetables with my Meat so this is not a complaint. The share of the Rice provided an adequate meal, the Chapatti was also the perfect accompaniment for this dish.

Marg’s dish was decidedly Creamy. The Masala was thick and being permitted a taste I have to admit that not being my thing it did have a distinct flavour, perhaps too sweet for my liking. Marg described the Lamb as being impressive, Coriander was to the fore, she enjoyed her meal.

The Bill

£33.85. This is more pricey than anticipated. Indeed I remain unsure as to how they came to this total. Soft drinks are not cheap, £1.75 for a small glass of Coke poured from a 2l bottle, quite a mark up. The charge for the Poppadom’s is something I disagree with,e specially when they are offered, not ordered. Maybe the Mango Lassi was not free afterall.

The Aftermath

Mein Host spotted the calling card and came over. I congratulated him on serving fine Curry, and especially the texture of my Kata Aloo Goshti. He assured me he believes that his customers should actually be able to taste the variety of flavours that blend to make Curry an experience. I would certainly return here, a pity about the noise. If only they were open at lunchtime on a Saturday.

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