The Tenth Visit to The New Karahi Palace

With Marg’s Hockey commitments over the next few days and both of us being on holiday,  it is going to be hard for Hector not to eat Curry every day. We shall see if resilience is a new byword or if the full OCD remains.

Having brought the wonderful Punjabi Charing Cross up to ten visits in one year it was only fitting that Hector should match this at the similarly impressive New Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street, Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8DZ).  Normally I hope that their excellent Karela dish is available.  Apart from this their Lamb on-the-bone specials are superb too, though a couple of commentators have used the term ‘plate of bones’ to describe their experience.

Today I felt that I would take whatever they had on display under the counter.  Mein Host today was a new Chap and so I was starting from scratch; however, the familiar Chef was in the background.

Chicken and Vegetables were the predominant meals from which to choose.  The Chicken Palak looked the business but there was lovely looking Lamb Shorva (on-the-bone).  I spotted a mean looking plate of mostly Okra at the far end, Vegetable Curry I was told.  I ordered a part portion.  No matter how stunning the meat, on its own it does not make a perfect meal in my book, an Interesting Vegetable always enhance a meal.  Two Chapattis (60p each) were the Accompaniments.

The somewhat basic, but Complementary Salad and excellent Raita were presented with a jug of Water; I was going to order something fizzy but changed my mind.

It took no time at all to reheat the portions I had ordered.  The Lamb was magnificently tender, it could be sucked from the bone with minimal effort. The Masala was the classic thin, richly flavoured, classic 1960s Curry Sauce.  Then there was the Vegetables.  The Okra was approaching mushy, the perils of being cooked and left to sit.  Onion was also part of the mix.  The flavour from this Vegetable mix was outstanding, Cumin was much to the fore.  When I liberally poured the Masala over it I had a very fine meal indeed.

Now, why did I order two Chapattis?  Turning the clock back to yesterday when a third Chapatti had to be ordered, how is it possible that the industry can present such disparate sizes, thickness and price for the same basic product?  The Chapattis served at the New Karahi Palace are among the very best.  The price is a fair reflection of what it is, a piece of Bread, and as we should all know by now, they are served free in Bradford.

The Bill

£9.70.  In a Café style venue this is a decent price for one and a half portions of Curry.

The Aftermath

We convened for our usual Saturday appreciation of Deutsche Bier at the Allison Arms.  None of us knew that this was Liz’s last day.  Jonathan, Michael, Neil, Mr Boyd and Hector stayed on to show our appreciation of great service over the last few years.  Now to convince Liz that I am not Howard!

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