7 Goat to the Punjabi Bock Fest

Mr Holden is in town, our very own Bradford Curry Guru who searches for new Meats and had Hector try to eat Liver at the Sheesh Mahal (Bradford) earlier this year, and disgracefully ate Sheep’s Brains one night  at the same venue last summer.

With Hector abroad discovering a new venue in Zell (Mosel) yesterday I was not in town for the Chaps visit to Yadgar.  I am assured the food was infinitely better than their behaviour…

The Punjabi Charing Cross (157-159 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DA) was agreed upon as the venue for this evening’s outing of The Friends of Hector; the promise of Goat Curry had Mr Holden excited.  Lady Yvonne emailed during the week when she discovered that Goat Curry was to be the dish of the day.  Mr Boyd cancelled a trip at the last minute; Marg arrived a few minutes before Jonathan, both slightly late. [Stan.TB] lived up to his new moniker and had Mr Holden walk to Charing Cross from Partick Cross.

The order was six Goat Gurmeet, created by the hands of our should-be Celebrity Chef, Mr Gurmeet.  It is the Curry Awards season again. Marg, who prefers her meat off-the-bone and was abhorred when I cooked Goat some years ago, selected the safer South Indian Garlic Chilli.

Twelve Chapattis were the accompaniments, Mr Boyd ordered Rice.  This apparently was the cause of the Stooshie at Yadgar yesterday, who eats Rice with such a quality meal as this, Mr Boyd!

The Complementary Poppadoms and Onion Chutney were brought to the table as we took our seats.

Having phoned in the order the previous evening from Bus Stop 10 at Edinburgh Airport, (how’s this for unnecessary detail?), Hector was becoming a bit fidgety when after forty-five minutes the main meals had not arrived. Patience, Dear Chap.

Last time Hector found the Goat to be a bit chewier than the customary Lamb/Mutton.  The Chaps had been warned.  There was no need; the Goat was cooked to perfection.  The Masala was thick and rich with the flavours erupting on the tongue.  There was very little conversation, there was no need, we know what we like and we had just been given it.  The Chaps were happy.

Hari appeared with a Complementary plate of Karela, a new experience for Our Man from Bradford. There was a spoonful for each of us.  A dry, salty Vegetable, a welcome addition and the Punjabi Charing Cross may well be the only place in the country which produces this cooked in the traditional manner.  Thank you, Hari.

But then…

There was one criticism, the event was over too quickly.  The portion size was more akin to The Village than the Feast we have become used to at the Punjabi.  We all felt we could have eaten more, and given that every Karahi was wiped clean this was the proof. If the Goat Meat is dearer, then please charge us more and maintain the portion size..

Meanwhile at the Ladies end of the table

Lady Yvonne was not into eating with her dainty fingers.  A knife and fork with Goat on-the-bone means much will be leftover.  Despite the fact that Mr Holden was not sitting in my line of sight, I knew that the bones were visible to both of us.  We did the decent thing…

Meanwhile Marg had consumed her South Indian Garlic Chilli and expressed her pleasure at the dish but she too made a clinical observation: ‘It was just Lamb and Sauce, and there was not enough of it.’  Marg’s dish is what Mr Holden and Hector refer to as Soup.  It is what we try to avoid at all costs, and after our recent European Experiments I am surprised that Marg was not more adventurous.  Without an Interesting Vegetable then sadly this is all this style of Curry can ever be.  A shared Vegetable Rice would have enhanced the meal.  (But not today in the presence of Mr Boyd.)  as for the quantity, it is unusual for Marg to eat the lot, this was achieved.

Hector was permitted a Dip of Marg’s Masala, too sweet, too red, and too oily for my liking = Soup!  But, Hector had just eaten a superb Curry prepared in exactly the way he seeks.

The Bill

£89.90.  Would you believe one Lady had a Glass of Wine? It must be Friday.

The Aftermath

Mr Holden introduced himself to Hari and described the Curry of Bradford. The Restaurateurs may not believe that I knew Bradford Curry before I met Mr Holden. We know what we like but continually strive to discover more.

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