Prague – The Indian Jewel

The last week has been difficult from an eating perspective, most of it spent avoiding German Pork dishes and Ost-Deutsch Bier. Today Marg and Hector moved on to Phase 5 of their summer Tour of Europe and found ourselves in more familiar territory. Curry-Heute was always on the Menu. On our last visit in 2006 we chanced upon a not too bad Indian Restaurant just off the Main Square in The Old Town. Walking around the block to the East we found nothing, the Trusty HTC was brought into play and revealed The Indian Jewel (Tyn 6, 110 00, Praha 1, Czech Republic). If this is the same venue as before it has been brightened up, I shall investigate further.

We were given a table for two about halfway into the long Dining Room, people were also sat outside. First up was the Drink Order, the customary Sparkling Water was about twice the price of the Bier, so Draught Pilsner Urquell it was then.

The Menu was not extensive, only a couple of Lamb dishes. There was no Karahi or Balti option, so back to basics. Marg went for the Rogan Josh, Hector the Vindaloo. The Rogan Josh was the yoghurt version, I must admit that thoughts of Amsterdam came back – in hope. Roti, Paratha and Nan were all about the same price (just under £2.00) and so two Nan were ordered, Plain, there was no choice of Garlic, Coriander or any variants. Marg spotted that the Vegetable Curry Dishes were available in half portions as Sides, so an Aloo Gobi was included.

Poppadoms or Dips, if available, were never mentioned. I cannot say I noticed their absence until I started this report.

Plates came, then Cutlery, then the Nan and then the Curry. First impressions were good, especially the very Dry – Aloo Gobi, a pity they did not have the courage to sell their Lamb Curry this Dry.

The first Dip of the Nan into the Masala was impressive, a good – strong and tangy flavour. The Masala was clearly Onion-rich and was suitable thick. The Dark-Red Masala was very well seasoned – Karrah! The Lamb was incredibly tender, yet again I have impressed by the Lamb I have eaten in recent weeks, is it the time of the year? A couple more pieces of Lamb would have gone down a treat, however, the Aloo-Gobi was more than a plate filler, the simplicity and volume impressed. Hector was approaching his limit when Marg spooned over some of her Rogan Josh.

Marg was excited about her Rogan Josh from the start. It had a suitable kick and tasted – Earthy – she said. The fresh Ginger Strips and the fresh Coriander were giving the pleasures they should. Marg left one piece of Lamb which was too chewy. Indeed I found Marg’s Lamb to be tender but not quite as impressive as in the Vindaloo, strange. To me the Rogan Josh (with not a Tomato in sight as is the Scottish – Indo/Pak custom) tasted like a good old fashioned Lamb Curry.

The Bill

1070Kc = £33.44. Credit Cards were accepted, a bonus.

The Aftermath

Strictly speaking the aftermath somewhat preceded and followed The Bill. The Waitress became excited about the Calling Card, I also had my phone set to the Curry-Heute Homepage. The Waiter came back with the Card, saw the Website and asked to take my phone into the Kitchen. The Owner came out holding my Card and gave me his. Mr Sanjeev Wadehra is also proudly the Director of Prague’s Savic Hotel. He was also proud of his Tandoor. I was invited to take photographs of the Chap operating the Tandoori Oven which they house at the entrance, everyone can see the Bread being made.

I was presented with the cooked-in-my-honour Nan which was wrapped in foil and put in a Poly-bag. Marg and I were both very full.  Someone was no doubt waiting for this impressive looking Chicken Tandoori.

Hector and Marg headed out into the night sky, what else is a man meant to do in Praha of an evening?  We soon found a worthy case for our impromptu Takeaway a block or two away.  He was most grateful.

Hector will be back in Prague in two weeks time, I shall return to the Indian Jewel with a few more people.

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