München – The Indien Mango Never Disappoints

Hector’s Heroic Homecoming is nearing its conclusion, today could be considered as the climax. Ten of us travelled down from Nürnberg, some had Bier as their first objective of the day, regular readers will know that Bier in München must follow Curry-Heute at the Indien Mango (Zweibrückenstr. 15, 80331, München).

Howard had the day off, he announced that he was Curried-Out, or maybe frustrated after recent events. Neil remembers his last visit two years ago, Lord Clive had to come to find out what the fuss was about, [Stan.TC] decided that this would be his solitary Curry of the Trip.  Four of us took the S Bahn onwards to Isartor.

Doris brought us the Main Menu and the Lunchtime Menu, there was no Fisch Chettinad. Hector was insistent that The Chef must know the dish, even allowing for staff changes since last November, the last visit. Doris returned, she then produced a Specials Menu, behold the Fisch Chettinad. Four please. Basmati Rice is included, this did not prevent Hector ordering a Roti, [Stan.TC] a Garlic Nan, and Lord Clive enquiring about Keema Nan. What’s that?

Doris returned, Clive was told he could have a Keema Nan.

The  wi-fi kept us amused until the Food arrived. Wi-Fi, small letters?

Four Bowls of Rice were brought, those on the Lunch Menu had their Rice presented on half the plate, and Soup would be the best description of the other Curry I spotted. Not for us. Another Four Bowls, this time with Fisch Chettinad arrived, the anticipation was everything. No pressure at all. The Curry had a mass of Fish, the Masala was just visible, it was a delight, Onion-rich.

The Breads varied in quality. The Roti went to crisp very quickly, [Stan.TC] described his Garlic Nan favourably initially and then announced it went gently Cripsy too and was not very Garlicky. The Keema Nan was decidedly OK said Clive, despite the fact this may be the first one ever cooked on these premises. Maybe not. Neil had no Bread.

The Fisch Chettinad is the best Fish Curry I have ever tasted, at any venue, anywhere. It did not disappoint. The normal Gritty Texture of Chopped Coriander Stems was missing today, though the Fresh Coriander Leaf was most evident. Hector and Neil tried to identify what the source of the distinct flavour could be, we gave up. Suffice to say, the four of us were well impressed. Very Excellent was Clive’s comment. Now he knows what all the fuss is about.

Every mouthful was a sheer joy, this is one of my very favourite venues, The Indien Mango never disappoints.

There was no way the Four Bowls of Rice would ever be finished. Once Hector has eaten his fill, Neil offered some of the Curry mass he had left. We all declined the offer, we were all full. Five minutes later Neil had eaten all of his Curry, he surprised himself.

The Bill

€74.80. Hector points out again that this was from the Specials List, at Lunchtime, we could have paid half of this had we selected the Lunch Menu.

The Aftermath

I showed the Curry-Heute Website on the trusty HTC, courtesy of the wi-fi to the Doris. The photo of Mr Jolly Kunjappu and Hector was instantly recognised: You are The Curry Man she remembered. She asked if it was my Job to Travel and Eat Curry. Is there such a Job? Doris regaled the joys of German Food as an alternative to Curry, I shook my head. She asked if German Curry was the best, well…

Those who are privileged to work here are spoiled, they don’t know how poor the competition can be. The Chef came out to take a bow, he remembered me. I shook his hand.

Until my next visit in November.

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