Cafe Salma – The Return of Hector, Holden and Hassan

Charing Cross was looking at its very best in the Summer Evening Sunshine as The Man from Bradford, [Stan.TC] and Hector entered Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, Charing X, Glasgow G3 7PQ).  When Mr. Holden is in town there is the challenge to provide him with a Worthy Curry, however, in the course of the meal it became obvious that we need not worry.  The places we frequent only sell the Best of Glasgow Curry and we can hold our own against Bradford.

Hassan’s Lady was sitting under the canopy at the front of the Restaurant, long time no see.  She and Hassan have been back to Morocco for the last month or so, I was promised that Hassan would enter the building later.

Kofta Palak (or Dessert if it is only [Stan.TC] and Hector) would be the normal choice for my Co-Diners this evening but they were both willing to accept my advice and choose the wonderful dish I first experienced just over a fortnight ago on my last visit here. The Kofta Bhuna is truly outstanding.  As was my intention, having re-discovered the true Salma Flavour in this Masala, I went for the Lamb Bhuna (Hot).

As Mr. Boyd was not present, Mr. Holden felt he could join [Stan.TC] and I in a share of the superb Vegetable Rice.  Four Chapattis and two Tandoori Roti were the principal accompaniments.  We would never eat all this.

The customary Complementary Poppadoms and Dips were provided, giving Mr. Holden the opportunity of reminding The World that in Bradford one does not pay for these or one’s Bread/Rice.  I suggested that maybe the Curry should be free too, I got the Holden-Look, then he agreed.

The Kofta Bhuna was the success I knew it would be. [Stan.TC] was struggling, Mr. Holden was waiting to pounce, eventually the moment was right.  He had hoped for Five Kofta Balls having had Four in his last Kofta in Bradford, it was admitted that the latter were smaller.

This is far too much food for [Stan.TC] – can we have the real Dr. Stan back please?

Hector had made the wrong choice

The Body of Hector was crying out for a Hot Curry,  a reaction to the decidedly Mild Curry Experiences in Europe in the past few weeks.  The heat was there, the magnificent Flavour was lost.  This was still a good Curry, but the anticipated Edge was gone.  I should have known better.

The Arrival

Hassan stopped in the doorway and took a humble bow.  His Restaurant was more than half full and this was a Thursday evening.  Our eyes made contact and over he came, Hector has long since graduated to the level of The Hassan Hug, as it should be.

Finally, we were joined by Marg who would transfer us to our next port of call.  She had declined the invitation to join us earlier, but she knows what is planned for tomorrow.

A Glasgow Curry Dignitary entered as we were finishing our meal.  I recognised the face but know not who he is.  Marg told me later that he had stopped and had clocked me too.

The Bill

£37.75.  A modest price in what remains one of Glasgow’s finest Curry outlets.

The Aftermath

Hassan related that Hari from the Punjabi Charing Cross had visited his premises recently.  For some reason the name of Hector was mentioned.  As neither had seen me for some time, they concluded that I must have been in Germany.  How true, but then there was the Czech Republic and Hungary too.

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