Light of India – First Oban Curry in a Decade

This was the last day of the vacation, we were determined to enjoy the day and so we drove to Crinan to see the Canal, then crossed the Atlantic to Easdale, and onwards to Oban, for Curry-Heute.  On our last visit to Oban, Hector and Marg had a wonderful Curry Experience, could we repeat it?

I remembered the Curry House to be back off the front and main street. The Light of India (43 Stevenson Street, Oban, Argyll, PA34 5NA) fitted this description best. On entering we soon realised that this was not the same venue, so it must have gone.

At 18.00 on a Sunday evening the Light of India was filling up. Throughout our visit it was most apparent that there are regulars, the fellow diners were all making positive noises at the end of their course choices, Hector had an air of optimism.

Marg announced she felt like Chicken Tonight…the Light of India Chicken Supreme at £9.90 was amongst the dearest dishes on the Menu. It was described as Chicken stuffed with Mince and came with Pilau Rice, so this may well have justified its comparatively inflated price.

Marg predicted my choice – Methi Gusth – where on Earth did they get that spelling? Methi Gosht is not to be shunned. As the Lamb dishes were a modest £5.90 I considered the possibility of the portion size being minimal and so ordered a Side Dish – Aloo Gobi Masala, priced at a sensible £2.90. Three Chapattis (80p) completed the order. We opted not to have Poppadoms et al, these were not forthcoming as Complementary Offerings.

The Curry came very quickly, a bit too quickly, my suspicions were raised. Marg’s Chicken Supreme was large pieces of Chicken in a Soup-like Masala, there was no sign of the Mince. Marg found this to be enjoyable, and never found any Mince.  I had a dip of the Masala and had to agree, this was indeed a tasty dish. The Rice would have soaked up the Soup but Marg ate little of the Rice, she prefers Chapattis these days.

The Methi Gosht had a suitably Thick Masala, perhaps a bit too Oily. The portion size was more than adequate, so this dish was certainly good value. The Wow Factor was not there, however there was some flavour. The quality of the Lamb varied throughout, a couple of pieces were decidedly tough, most pieces tender, a pity.

The Potato and Cauliflower Side was pleasant, again not outstanding. It did provide the required Interesting Vegetables and complemented both our meals. One of the Chapattis had not been cooked properly, but by the time we had finished two this mattered not.

Trying to manipulate all the component parts to our meal was tricky on the small table. Once Marg had emptied her Karahi a waiter was straight over to remove it, this helped. In fact the staff were very attentive and as the Regulars rolled in  the Banter was to the fore.  When my camera appeared, a waiter was straight over to take our photo.  This was a very friendly house.

Marg ordered Coffee. It was served with Cream. The Cup was small but as soon as she was finished the waiter was straight over with the Coffee-Pot to offer more, a nice touch.

The Bill

£25.20. with a Side Dish and a Coffee this was very good value.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was accepted with little comment. Then there was the drive south behind a car doing no more than 40mph…

I wonder how many years it will be before I return to Oban?

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