Yadgar! Dinner with The Establishment

Ahmed, a resident of Pakistan, is a friend of Shkoor at Yadgar (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) and was responsible for establishing the Shkoor-Hector Connection. In the last two years Ahmed has become the Islamabad Curryspondent for Curry-Heute keeping Hector right on many things Curry-Related, tonight we met for the first time.

Arriving promptly at 19.00, Hector found Shkoor outside Yadgar taking a phone-call. I entered The Humble Establishment and was warmly greeted by Ahmed who had the advantage of being able to recognise Yours Truly via this medium.

By the time Shkoor joined us, introductions were no longer necessary. Not only would tonight be a veritable Curry Feast, Hector would get to spend the evening with two Curry Experts.

The customary Welcome Salad was soon accompanied by a bowl of Dahi Bhalley. Hector has experienced this Yoghurt-based, almost Spicy-Cake dish, once before, but now knows the moniker, thanks to Ahmed of course.

Ahmed had chosen the venue and that the main course would be Chops. Shkoor had suggested that the Chops be Achari based, a new Yadgar experience for Hector.

The first Dish to arrive was a Vegetable Green Mush, interesting. Spinach – Shkoor announced, it would turn out to be so much more.

The large Yadgar Karahi was presented, the Chops smothered in the wonderful Dry Masala which has made Yadgar the Curry Venue most visited since the birth of this Blog. Chapattis were the Accompaniment of choice, after all, who eats Rice with Curry – this is 2012.

Hector the Veggie?

The first Dip in the Spinach dish revealed a familiar flavour – Bradford! This did not please Shkoor who feels I should recognise it as Yadgar’s own. You have mastered the Bradford Flavour – was my attempt at stopping the dig of the proverbial hole. As would be divulged in the course of the evening, this Spinach dish contained the Leaves of Five Herbs – Spinach, Methi, Mustard Leaves and more. It is apparently a very difficult dish to prepare, this was perfection. For once the Spinach did not dominate, this was a true Herb Melange, why have I not had this before?

Lamb Chops – After you, Sir

The Pickle was evident and pleasant without taking away from the flavour of the Lamb Chop itself. As Shkoor remarked – One can tell the quality of the food by the lack of conversation. Mmmmm.

Alternate spoons of the Five Herb Masala and the Wonderful Chops drew to a close. Something was muttered.

What is better than a Kilo of Lamb Chops at Yadgar?

A further Batch was presented! More came with more Chapattis, start again.

Shkoor was first to stop eating, as Ahmed remarked, when you work with this food all day one is less inclined to crave it. Ahmed subsequently waved the white flag leaving Hector to polish off the last pieces. Ahmed knows that Hector loves his Curry, now he has seen the Curry-Hound in action.

The Aftermath

Ahmed and Hector were left periodically to discuss Curry experiences from all over Britain and beyond. He has recommendations for me in London, Delhi and Lahore. We discussed Pakistan – Earthquake and Flood, Afghanistan, Jordan and more.  He and Shkoor plan a visit to Glasgow’s Bradford Curry House – Akbar’s.  I advised them to order their food – In the Asian Style – just to ensure they get The Right Stuff..

Great Food, Great Company, a night to remember. Until next time.

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