A Late Night at The Village

The Wrong Restaurant

There was seventeen in the group from Glasgow through at The Staggs in Musselburgh. Dr. Rick enquired late afternoon where we having Curry-Heute, not if. With Lord Clive of Crawley a House-Guest for the weekend there would be three of us. On arrival back in our Metropolis Howard and Tracey bade farewell, but not for long. On hailing the taxi at Queen St. we were suddenly five headed towards the New Karahi Palace (51 Nelson Street, Glasgow G5 8DZ). The Taxi Driver chose to ignore all directions south of the river and stopped further along Nelson St. directly outside The Village (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8BA). It was written.

It was also after 22.00, a bit late for The Village who have traditionally closed early, however that was then. The New Village stays open later, it appears.  we had missed the mob.

Hector had the Half Kilo of Village Desi Korma on his mind but was distracted by the Village Lahori Karahi which for some reason was speaking Laal Lahori to the head. Desi Korma it would be. Clive inspired by the discussion took the Lahori Karahi option, also at the volume to guarantee satisfaction. Chapattis and Nan Bread of all varieties would accompany our selections.

Complementary Poppadoms and Onion Chutney would amuse us whilst we waited for the Chefs to work their magic.

Flat Battery

It had been a long day, the trusty HTC had been stretched beyond its limits. There was no further record taken of who ordered what, fortunately the camera was still functional so with some intuition I have allocated a normal portion of Lahori Karahi to Howard, Keema Aloo to Tracey, and a normal portion of Desi Korma to Dr. Rick. All dishes were Lamb, of course!


There was a tap, or three, at the window, it was Marg. Who knocks once these days? Marg completed the six at the bench table and ordered a Mango Lassi, she had eaten already.

Jonathan meanwhile was waiting for a phone-call along at The Laurieston, fortunately his Rumbly-Tumbly motivated him to call Lord Clive, he was with us moments later. Now was it he who had the Keema Aloo? An extra chair was placed at the end of our table.

The Wrong Meal – by choice

Abdul, who may well be the longest serving member of staff brought the food. He placed a highly seductive Half Kilo on the table in front of me, it was mine. I had a taste, it was wonderful, it was definitely mine, except of course, it wasn’t. Clive ended up with the Desi Korma, he was impressed once again by this superb dish and was more than happy to eat My Other Curry.

I now have to rely on the Usual Suspects to add their comments and clarify their choice and offer their verdicts.

The Bread Baskets

This was the first experience to four of my fellow diners of the new Baskets. They do keep the Breads remarkably hot and fresh. I am sure Ahmed my Pakistan Curryspondent will have something to say on their origin and the proliferation of their usage in the Orient.

The Bill

£82.15. We had a mass of food, all were happy with what they eaten and the price paid.

The Aftermath

Kasif (Master Baig) and the Man from Sri Lanka remarked that since they opened the new premises I have been firstly on my own, then with Marg, subsequently the Two Doctors, and now as One-of-Seven. The Bus-load is the next challenge.

The Official Opening has yet to be held I am assured, here’s hoping…

And now for some updates from my fellow diners…hopefully…

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3 Responses to A Late Night at The Village

  1. Jonathan says:

    Is Howard suggesting Marg has come out of her Shel?

    Hector replies:


  2. Tracey says:

    Good guesses, but the Desi Korma was mine.
    Alas, after all the strong ale that was taken, I can remember nothing more about it.

    Hector replies:

    What strong ale, were we in Leith?

  3. Howard Young says:

    This was my first visit back to The Village since it reopened in its rightful place (I was number 6 of 7). Mr Hector is correct in stating I had the Lamb (Lahori) Karahi. The taste both of my dish and of others was as good and distinctive as ever, reflecting the particular twist (of lemon?) that The Village imparts. Sundries were satisfactory with the only negative note being the size of the portion. However, after the long haul at Staggs it was sufficient on this occasion. At other times a half kilo might be required. Final thought: I will now call Marg, Dawn as she knocked three times!

    Hector replies:

    So everyone else had the Village Lamb Desi Korma except Jonathan who did have the Keema Aloo…

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