A Return to Mama’s Rasoi

After a superb Curry-Heute at Akbar’s last evening, Hector was in the mood for something more traditional in the world of Curry. It is over a year since I first visited Mama’s Rasoi (82 Howard Street, Glasgow, Glasgow, G1 4EE). Located at the rear of the St. Enoch Centre it is easy to miss, yet in discussion with friends everyone appears to know of its existence, perhaps more people should try it?

The Festive Season must be upon us judging by the activity in St. Enoch’s Square, no Köln for Hector this year. Call this a Market?

I was the only customer mid-afternoon and was shown to the smallest table at the rear of the premises. Were they expecting the imminent arrival of a Bus Tour? The Charming Waitress offered me the Tea-Time Specials Menu and the A La Carte. The latter was selected.

Gone is the Laminated Menu with its minimalist choice, there were a dozen Lamb dishes to choose from. The price of each dish was appreciably more than the Tapas sized servings of last year. The Lamb Pardeshi became my focus. Cooked with three leaves – Spinach, Fenugreek (Methi) and Mustard leaves this must be packed full of flavour. I asked for it to be served thick and as dry as possible. Given that the expected Masala would be Puréed Leaves it should be thick, and not Soup. I was almost tempted to try the Mushroom Pulao Rice but in the end stayed traditional and ordered two Chapattis (£1.25).

The Sparkling Water was £2.50 a bottle, a bit pricey, but the Menu did state clearly that 500ml would be the bottle size.

The delivered Bottle was only 330ml, a disappointment I was looking forward to the Half-Litre. During the wait I had time to read my own review from the last visit. Where was Jack, was JD still the Chef?

The Waitress brought my Curry and Chapattis. The Curry looked delightfully dark and thick. I was immediately asked if this was up to my level of expectation, I assured her it was. The first Dip revealed the Spinach, fortunately this was balanced by the Methi and Mustard Leaves. It is too easy to let the Spinach takeover, I know, when I cook a Palak this is what happens.

More Seasoning may have given the dish a bit more Oomph, it was not Karrah! The Lamb however was excellent, incredibly tender and there was plenty of it. Some I ate on the Chapattis, some straight. This Curry was certainly enjoyed.

The Waitress came over once more to check on my progress. I asked after Jack and was told he had gone. JD was still in the Kitchen so the changes have not been too radical.

The Bill

£13.75. Rather cheekily the 330ml Sparkling Water had been charged at the price of the 500ml Bottle, mmm.

The Aftermath

I presented my Calling Card to the Waitress who headed over to the Kitchen Hatch. The Chef, JD, immediately recognised me as Mr. Hector. He had guessed it was me earlier when his Son had spotted me taking Photographs. Your Mother was here! he told me, yes indeed she was.

We had a pleasant chat about the expanded Menu, I told him I had never understood why they had such an extensive Takeaway Menu and a Minimalist Sit-in Menu. This has clearly been rectified. JD told he has further plans to expand the Menu, 3ft Dosas will be available soon. Hector will be back, the Nimbu Kaalimirch Ka Lamb sound very tempting, Black Pepper and Lemon Juice feature prominently in this dish.  This could be stunning.

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