The Bombay Grill (Boulevard Hotel) – Clydebank

The Bombay Grill at The Boulevard Hotel (1710 Great Western Rd., Clydebank, G81 2XT) lies very close to Hector’s House. This venue has been visited at best sporadically over the last twenty years, and certainly not in the last five. Hector associates the Bombay Grill with the Buffet available every evening. When Marg and I insisted on eating a la carte on our last visit we received a strange look. The Curry has been generally fine, so why the renewed interest? In a local Freebie Publication there was a full page advert on Page 2. Any further in and I would have missed it. It stated – We are the first place in Clydebank to serve traditional home cooked style meals. In Hector Language this means – Desi.

Arriving at 18.00 I walked in through the Bar area of the Boulevard Hotel to the door at the far right. Here lies the somewhat secreted entrance to the Restaurant. Traditional Cuisine is served in the Bar. There was nobody there, fortunately a Waiter appeared and showed me to a seat beyond the Buffet. I asked immediately about – Desi – and was assured this was available. The Menu was brought but it was identical to that which I had perused online. No sign of anything beyond the standard. Karahi Bhoona would be the choice. I asked again and was told that that they have Two Sauces, one normal and one Desi. They could cook whatever I wished Desi Style. Two Chapattis (95p) would accompany along with the customary Sparkling Water.

There was time to reacquaint myself with my surroundings. The room must sit over one hundred people. It is decidedly spacious. A Bar lies at one end of the room the Buffet at the other. There are no windows but mirrors do run the length of the far wall where I was sat.

Incoming email was checked, Ahmed my Curryspondent in Islamabad had sent in a description of he and Shkoor’s latest Curry Adventure. See the accompanying Blog report.

A different Chap turned up with a Sizzling Karahi and Chapattis. The Curry was piled high – That looks a Decent Portion – was my immediate remark. I was warned not to touch anything hot which was the Karahi and the Plate. A Large solitary Green Chilli (halved) topped the Dish. Here we go…

The Curry had to be decanted in part, normally I would eat straight from the Karahi but such was the volume of food, some had to be moved. The Masala was thick with Shredded Onion, some cooked Fresh Tomato would reveal itself shortly. I had of course asked for the Dish to be served without the Dreaded Green Mushy Vegetable which the Menu had listed as being an ingredient.  There was a definite Sweetness due to the sheer volume of Onion. At first I thought the Dish needed more seasoning but soon changed my mind. The Tender Lamb was plentiful, other Venues take note. The Chapattis were Brown-ish, Large and Delightfully Thick. No way could two be polished off. A Third of one was leftover. Proper Chapattis.

This was nothing like any Curry served in Clydebank. Clydebank Curry tends to be from the same pot regardless of venue. This Bhoona was very similar Flavour-wise  to that served in Glasgow’s Asmaan, but this was Plentiful.

The Best Curry to be served to Hector in Clydebank – was a thought that passed through my mind.

The Serving Waiter returned to remove the Debris. That was a large portion – I remarked. You’ve done well with that– he retorted.

Approaching the Bar to pay the original Waiter did the sums.

The Bill

£12.45. The Curry was around £9.00 I reckoned, the Chapattis just under £2.00, so the Sparkling Water must have been on the expensive side. I noticed taped to the bar a piece of paper stating that Soft Drinks (Soda Water included) are £2.80 a pint. Don’t even think about adding Fresh orange. So, good value Curry, Tap Water is advised. Unless one is out – to Dine.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was left and the Website shown. I mentioned that I might come back and try an Achari Dish next time and was assured it could be served Desi-style. As I left the Serving Waiter was taking Food through to the Main Bar. So one can eat in daylight.

Now to Post the tale of a very different Karahi.


The Boulevard Hotel is being turned into… something else … no more Curry.

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