A Post Wedding Curry in Glasgow, not in Berlin

In the middle of a rather Dreich Saturday afternoon, Marg and Hector bade temporary farewell to Craig and Yvonne, the Newlyweds, who went off in search of Italian Food with their Nearest and Dearest.  We were not invited.  The Laurieston would host us  later, but The Big Bash is at The Staggs (Musselburgh) next Saturday.
Marg had the choice of venue today, so Mother India’s Café (1355 Argyle Street  Glasgow, G3 8AD) it was.  Their Butter Chicken remains Marg’s favourite Curry served anywhere.  Creamy, not excessive Coconut, with a Moderate Kick and a Modest hence Manageable Tapas Portion.  Well that’s Marg’s Lunch reviewed and we haven’t it ordered yet.

We were given a choice of tables, one at the window, one in the far corner.  We took the window but the next couple were moved from the adjacent window table to the said corner.  Being mid-afternoon the place was not stowed but was still doing steady business.
The Menu was presented.  It is some eleven months since our last visit; they have tweaked the Menu a wee bit.  The Specials are now handwritten in a box on the back side.  A List of Daily Specials is also included.
No Kofta Palak, this venue has served Hector the best Kofta Palak, ever!  And only once.  Am I never to experience this again?
Regular Currypsondents will know that the Machi Maslala is my favourite Dish here.  I have written  that I could eat four portions of what is served here as Tapas.  One day I should.  Lamb Karahi would be a perfect balance, but wait, Hector has just spotted Daal Makhni!   It was only last summer that I was introduced to this Delight, and in European Curry Houses.  It remains quite a rarity in Glasgow.  One Chapatti (95p) and the customary Lemon and Cashew Nut Rice would accompany.

Marg wasn’t too hungry, perhaps she was coming down with something.
The litre bottle of Sparkling Water is reasonable value and that kept us amused whilst we waited.  This time the Dishes came in a sensible order.

The Fish was set before Hector and this was tackled initially with some Chapatti, but then I realised I would need the Chapatti for the Daal.  I ate the Machi Masala straight, it was a total delight. I could eat this every day – was my remark as I savoured every morsel.
The consistency of this Dish astonishes, the Citrus and the Fresh Coriander complement the strong Fish and Spice Melange, and seasoned to perfection.  If there is a better Fish Curry served anywhere in the UK then please advise.

The Lamb Karahi could not possibly compete with the Machi Masala.  Had I eaten it first it may have.  Six good sized pieces of Lamb at three quarters the normal price of a full portion.  The value felt good.  The Lamb felt better than the quality served in some venues.  The Minimal and Thick Masala looked the part but was under seasoned.  Or was this just down to the following the Fish?   Capsicum had been included, I should have checked.  Pieces started to pile  up on the plate.
The Daal Makhni was served in the Copper Handled Pot I have encountered in Europe.  A Tapas portion is more than adequate.  Hector is not turning Veggie but finds this to be an excellent Side, a new distraction from the norm.  One feels Noble eating Lentils, a realisation that this could well be the most authentic ingredient in the Orient, but this is Glasgow.  We hae Meat!

And yes, Marg’s Butter Chicken was exactly as described.
The Chap who appeared to be The Head Waiter cleared the table.  Too many Peppers? – he enquired. One is too many, I do not eat Capsicum with Curry – was Hector’s curt reply.
You had the Lamb Karahi – he stated.
Indeed, next time I shall remember to order without.

Again I ask every Chef on the Planet, why do you think Capsicum has to be added to Curry?  It is not a standard ingredient in the Indian Subcontinent. There are many Interesting Vegetables that can be added, please try others.  Even Turnip!

The Bill
£26.25.  Typical if two had eaten a full portion each.  Hector did consume the majority, so a bit pricy based on one and a bit Diners.

The Aftermath
We left Mother India’s Cafe just as Mr. Holden was due to fly into Glasgow Prestwick.  Guess what that means!

The Laurieston awaited.  Craig and Yvonne were free of Family Commitments; let the Festivities-proper get underway.

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