Keema Mutter – Washed down with Pyraser and Tucher

Keema Mutter, Mince and Peas if you prefer, has not been cooked in Hector’s House for some time.  Beef Mince bought in Bulk at Sainsburys was most economic, three Kilos in all, well, we would be Eight Diners. Bier was the Main Attraction, Jonathan has provided cases of Tucher and Pyraser’s Finest Festbier.

Could Hector replicate the impressive Keema Mutter which has been mentioned recent dispatches? Methi would have to feature, Spinach too and some Fresh Coriander. The Karela Pickle had to be included too. Hopefully a Taste-Fest would be achieved.  I had a notion that Grated Carrot might add to the Texture.

As has become the norm, the Masala was prepared in one pot whilst the Mince was Browned in Garam Masala separately. The Onions were given a full half hour to reach pulp status. Half of the normal Tomato for this quantity of Masala was added to achieve the eventual Dry Texture this Dish requires. Hopefully the Herb content would create the required Speckled appearance.

Ninety minutes later was Tasting time. Nothing. More Salt? Hector could not serve this, too Bland.

Maybe left overnight the Cinnamon Bark would have more time to infuse some sense of Flavour.  Hector could not leave this to chance, action was required.  An Ingredient I have not used for a while was called upon.  More than half of tub of Tamarind was stirred in.  If this didn’t work we could end up phoning for Takeaways. And so the Curry sat overnight.

Late this afternoon an entire Bunch of Fresh Coriander was mixed in with more Salt. Howard was the given the task of Tasting. More Salt. Tracey was the Final Sampler. The Seal of Approval was given. We had Curry!

Truly one of Hector’s (sic) best ever curries. Perfect. Howard would later post in a well known Social Media Website.

Jonathan and Dr. Stan were also quite exuberant.

Nina and Kenny making their first appearance at Hector’s House were suitably impressed also. This Curry was a winner!

Meanwhile there was Bier to wash it down.  And what happened to Robin?

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  1. the beer monkey says:

    Hello, Hector.

    Many thanks for the invite. The Keema was superb. Absolutely delicious. Washed down with some very tasty but extremely potent Pyraser Josephi Starckbier. Much too drinkable for its 7.5%ABV. The Tucher Bergkirchweih Festbier was rather lovely too.

    Hats off to Jonathan for his biers and to you for the excellent curry, your hospitality and the invite to Hector’s house.


    Hector replies:

    Bier and Curry It’ll never catch on…

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