Ganesha Bistro, Konstanz – Baden-Württemberg

When Hector identified a Cluster of at least Seven Curry Houses concentrated in the area that I now know is the Konstanz Altstadt, the conclusion was that there is a demand for Curry. That Hector has sailed across the Bodensee (254m deep at one point) to investigate, is what Curry-Heute is all about. The proximity to the Swiss Border was also intriguing, do they come over for a cheap meal, or is this area so close they can charge more?

Having read the revues in the Usual Places I decided, as ever, to make up my own mind.

Alighting from the Katamaran I did the usual Tourist Wanderabout to take in the Konstanz Atmosphere. On the main shopping street I felt I could have been in Köln. The occasional Statue – Graaf Zeppelin – for one and the odd Historic Tower created a Charm, Konstanz is a far more interesting place than Friedrichshafen.

The Ganesha Bistro (Kreuzlinger Str, 16, 78462, Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg) was not my first discovered Curry House. The Imperial Indien Palace had shaded seating outside where the Menus were piled up. A quick glance, a choice of two Lamb Dishes. Goodbye.  I was also now only a few metres from the Swiss Border, not that I would have spotted anything.

Around the corner lay the Ganesha Bistro. About a dozen people were sitting outside, only two in. I entered the Cafe-Style Venue and again studied the Menu before committing to a seat. The Counter displayed some of the Curry on offer. A Container of Seriously Dry looking Lamb sat alone. Clearly this had been cooked in advance waiting to be transformed into whatever. A definite variation on the Two Curry Pot Venue.

Mein Host approached. I spoke in English deliberately, most folk selling Curry speak our Tongue. The names of the Dishes are all the same anyway.

A Lamm Karahi please. The Menu listed the Ingredients. No Paprika please, and can you make it as Dry and Thick as possible?

The Rice for once was not Inclusive and so I took the Opperchancity to try an Alu Prantha. I love these Spellings. Do they pronounce them differently too?

A much needed 0.4l of Sparkling Water was poured from a large plastic bottle. At €2.20 a pop, just about agreeable. A second was planned.  The Temperature is rising again.

The Lady behind the Counter performed her Magic. A Generous Plate of Lamb was served, this looked Worthy. A more than Substantial Aloo Paratha came straight afterwards along with some Chutneys.

The Karahi was a Decent Brown, I had heard Mein Host instruct The Lady – No Paprika – and the Instruction had been followed. The Masala may have been Onion -based but I kept spotting small Hemispheres of what could have been Split Peas or more likely Daal. Yoghurt had certainly been used to create the Masala. Lamb on a Daal-based Masala? Certainly Different. The Quantity of Meat was Impressive. Eight was the quick count but most of these would be halved, more than enough to Feed a Hector.

There was a Fresh Green Herb mixed in to the Masala but as there was no Coriander or Methi Blast I remain in the dark. I found some pieces of Interesting Vegetable too, Cauliflower. The Flavours began to emerge. Creamy from the Start, Dry, Earthy and then the Cumin kicked in. There was not much of a Kick but I had made no request for a Particularly Spicy Curry. The Plentiful Lamb was Tender but due to the Quantity I was aware of how much I was Chewing. For the second time in twenty four hours, I was encountering a new Taste on the Palate. I had to be impressed.

The Paratha had – Defeat – written all over it. Maybe half was the Target. It was Wet and Shiny and looked like a Big Tattie Scone. But then, what else is an Aloo Paratha?

Mein Host asked – Is it OK?

Very Good.

Now let us not compare this to a Glasgow/Bradford Curry. Curry in Europe is a different Kettle of Fish, but this was Distinctive enough to command praise. .

The order of the second Sparkling Water was also a strategy to engage Mein Host.

Your Masala is different, is it Daal-based?

Not Daal, Jeera. – he replied.

Ah, Cumin!

Yes, Cumin.

So what were the little Roundish Lumps?  I didn’t ask, I may never find out.

The Bill

€16.20. Exactly what I expect to pay for a Curry.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was presented and I am always happy when People’s Eyesight is sufficient to be able to read – Curry-Heute – on the Trusty Samsung.

Mein Host has seen where I have been, Konstanz is now added to The List.

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