Rawalpindi – Sauchiehall Street Completed

It is perhaps twenty years since Hector last crossed the threshold of the Rawalpindi (321 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, G2 3HW). This venue has been around for decades so far be it for Hector to offer any criticism, they must know what they are doing to have survived this long. This visit completes the review of the four Curry Houses on Sauchiehall St. east of Charing Cross. How often have I walked past? How many times have I been offered the 20% Discount Voucher just after I have eaten? I had one in my pocket.

Arriving just before 17.00, Hector was the first Diner of the evening session. I was not The Lone Diner for long, another Chap arrived soon after and was shown to another small table for two directly opposite. He spent quite a while negotiating his order. He was served as I was finishing my meal, a large platter of Tandoori Chicken. Each to their own.

I had plenty of time to study the Menu. Karahi, Balti and Achari were the possible choices, the Menu was not vast. Lamb appeared in the Interesting Dishes in the Tikka form only. Beef seemed the likely choice however the young Waiter spoke favourably about the quality of their Boiled Lamb, so this was the order – Lamb Karahi without Capsicum. At £11,95 for both Boiled Meat or Tikka a bit on the Pricey side. Chapattis were £1.10, however the Paratha caught the eye. The Vegetable Paratha and the Keema Paratha were both £3.50, the latter felt better value.

Sparkling Water was not on the Drinks Menu, Still Water was £3.95 for a Large Bottle, no thanks. The other Soft Drinks were £1.95. Tap Water would suffice, I was brought a Glass.

New Staff arrived at 17.00, more Customers came too. It was obvious that at least two Couples were Regulars. The Greeting was Warm and Friendly.

A different Chap brought the Karahi and Paratha. He warned me about the heat of the Karahi itself and wrapped a serviette around one handle. I didn’t see the point of decanting on to a cool plate and so ate straight from the Karahi.

The Tender Lamb was Plentiful, so the £11.95 was now deemed acceptable, especially when I knew the real cost was less than a Tenner. The Lamb had no sense of Spice or Flavour, one suspects it had just recently met the Masala. The Masala itself was Dark and Rich, again nothing outstanding. Methi would have been a welcomed addition, indeed I cannot recall seeing Methi mentioned anywhere on the Menu. The missing Capsicum meant The Chef had overloaded the Onions. the Texture of these was slightly off-putting, too many. I should have tried the Austrian Manoeuvre and asked for an Alternative Interesting Vegetable. How this Karahi differed from their straightforward Lamb Curry I may never find out.

Mein Host came over halfway through the meal and asked how it was. The Curry is OK, however, the Paratha is Outstanding!

Do you want another one? He retorted. Hector declined the offer, I rarely finish one Paratha, two would be out of the question.

The Paratha was Stunning, my first ever Keema Paratha, where have you been all my life? This was Plain Lamb Mince spread evenly inside the Bread. It was very Dry and Seasoned to Perfection. Every Dip of the Paratha in the Masala was Sheer Joy. The two complemented each other, I was aware that what was a very Ordinary Curry had now become a Meal to Remember. The presence of the Lamb was now Arbitrary.

The Bill

£15.45 reduced to £12.45 with the 20% Voucher. Now I know that £3.00 is not 20% of £15.45, but let’s not fall out over 9p.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was received graciously by Mein Host who then went into the back office to find a Discount Card. He failed to do so and gave me another couple of Discount Vouchers.

Pleasant Staff, OK Curry and a Paratha to remember.

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  1. archie says:

    Hector, the Rawalpindi was where I had my first ‘Indian Restaurant’ experience 35 years ago. I have recently been in a couple of times for the buffet on a Saturday afternoon (just for training purposes you understand). Apparently still belongs to the same family as it did back then although the food has changed considerably.

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