Akash, Helensburgh – The Hector Special

This evening Hector had a genuine choice of Helensburgh Curry Venues. As in the old days, the Akash (45A Sinclair St, Helensburgh, G84 8TG) was the First Choice.

Entering just after 17.00 I was greeted by the two Young Waiters – Hello, Mr. Hector. I was shown to a table for Four at the Window, however, being on the First Floor, I was not Window Dressing. I was then offered The Menu but declined.

I am told People are coming in and asking for the Hector Special, I suppose I had better have it again myself.       Two Chapattis to accompany.

Mein Host came over and began a conversation that would continue for quite some time. Your Family have been quite regular – he told me. Your Daughter was in the other night.

I don’t have a… oh I suppose I know who that might be.

And so Hector texted the Lady tarred with this Nomenclature. Eleanor joined me halfway through my Curry. She ordered the Hector Special too, but with Boiled Rice.

I was informed that the Akash are considering a couple of Buffet Nights, a Sunday was mentioned. They already have an Eat a la Carte for a Flat Fee of £15.00 on a Wednesday, a Great Deal. One assumes the Buffet would have to undercut this. But we know what Hector thinks about Buffets.

In the midst of our discussion I mentioned the Impressive Keema Paratha served at the Rawalpindi. My order was changed at Mein Hosts’s suggestion to Mince Paratha. It had to be done.

The Hector Special

It took a couple of attempts, but the Akash Chef now produces a Dry and Thick Palak Gosht. The Spinach is evident, however, other Herbs must be present as the Spinach Taste is not as overwhelming as it can be. The Portion was a Good Size, I can tell when I don’t have to count the Pieces of Lamb. The Lamb was Tender, on a couple of recent visits this was not necessarily the case.

The Paratha contained Individual Grains of Mince and a Layer of Fresh Coriander. It looked the part but did not have the Methi Blast served up so Magnificently in the Rawlapindi.

The Verdict for both Paratha and Curry was Good, without being Outstanding. At least one can at least guarantee a Competent Curry in Helensburgh on a Consistent Basis once more.

 The Bill

£13.50. This included the Sparkling Water. This is also the Price I expect to pay for this combination.

The Aftermath

Eleanor watched me finish my Meal, I watched her eat the First Half of hers. Eleanor eating Lamb once again?

Hector had a short Speech to make, introducing Doug Scott and Paul ‘Tut’ Braithwaite – Big Walls and High Mountains.

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