Koh-E-Avadh @ The Killermont Polo Club

And so Hector begins a systematic conclusion to 2013 – Ticking-Off – the remainder of the West End Curry Houses in Glasgow. This means foregoing the Recommended Venues, well at least alternately. The Killermont Polo Club (2022 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 0AB) is located at the very top end of Maryhill on the road to Milngavie and Bearsden, so it is not surprising that this lies at the More Pukka end of the Glasgow Curry Houses. Set in its own ground off the main road there is parking for about a dozen vehicles, hopefully not everyone arrives by car. On entering what was once a Detached Villa, I was greeted by the Young Lady Waitress and taken to a table in the Main Room. Another room lies off this and the Buffet was spotted on departure on the other side of the building.

Hector was firstly offered the xmas Menu, however, this was declined in favour of a la carte.

The Menu had been studied online earlier in the day. The Lamb Karahi would be foregone in favour of a very different sounding dish – Koh-E-Avadh. The description included the following – Mughalia cuisine, .. ginger in a garlic laced onion gravy… sunflower seeds, mace and green cardamoms, and kewda water, rich in taste... Kewda Water? Why not? Taste was promised. The Waitress couldn’t pronounce the name of the Dish and so recorded it carefully. Zero Familiarity with The Dish. There was no discussion of Spice Level, I was wishing The Chap had served me. I pointed out the Inclusive Boiled Rice, Fresh Mushrooms and Salad, all for £14.95. Oh, you want all these? Not only that, with Inclusive Rice, a Solitary Chapatti (£1.50) was added.

A couple of Photos were taken discretely. Pukka indeed. The Bar was in a recess at the end of the Main Room, there was an increasing amount of coming and going, oh, here comes The Curry.

This is a lot of Food – said the Waiter as he set it before the Hector. The Curry was in its own Moon-shaped Dish, the Rice decanted from a Bowl, the Minimal Salad and probably Tinned Onions sat directly on the Plate.

The Curry looked Wet and Familiar. It was not far in Texture from The Village Lamb Desi Korma. Would it have the same Knock-out Flavours? The Chapatti was Dipped. Not much happened on the Hector Palate. The Raw Onion content of The Salad and the Cooked Mushrooms felt Juxtaposed. There was Plenty of Rice, in fact there was a Decent Portion of Curry too. The Lamb was Reasonably Tender but no Flavours emerged from the Meat itself at any time. Occasionally there was a Fragrant Flavour on the Palate, the Cardamoms. There was both a Lack of Spice and Seasoning. My Base for Comparison now drifted Abroad. Deutsche Curry? This was not that different from a typical Curry served up in Germany. I was even missing Erlangen’s Curry House.

The Meal had a Freshness about it, however it did not do too much for The Hector.

The Bill

£18.40. So £1.95 for the Small Bottle of Sparkling Water. It could have been worse.

To Eat or To Dine?

Hector knows that in Glasgow he can eat Better Curry for half the price, but then there’s the Ambience Factor. I came to eat The Curry, others may have a different reason for being here.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was presented to the Waiter who had not engaged me previously.

Oh good! – was his statement of acceptance.

It may be a Dozen Years since Marg brought Hector here for a Birthday Treat. Two visits in one lifetime may be sufficient.

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