The International – #1 Visit of 2014

There was a Day in Ilkley. Dr. Stan and Ricky, Our Man in Bradford, were due to join Marg and Hector at The International (Morley St, Bradford, BD 1BA), however, they were a late call-off.

Khalid, The Head Waiter, gave us the Seasonal Greeting and showed us to our table in the Heart of The Restaurant. The Owner, Mr. Bashir also shook my hand on entry. Two new names learned on one visit. A good start to 2014!

Marg had been planning a Portion of the Lamb Chops (Starter £3.90) for days. A Mango Lassi (£1.50) would top this off.

A Regular Portion of the Lamb Desi (on-the-bone) would suit Hector, well almost.

Can I have extra Methi please, and well seasoned?

Do you want Spinach – asked Khalid.

No.            Inclusive Chapattis would Accompany.

Complimentary Poppadoms and Full Portions of Spiced Onion, Lime Pickle and Mango Chutney Sauce were brought by a Young Waiter. These were eaten with Gusto! We were Hungry.

Three Fellow Diners sat nearby. The Female asked Marg if she was – Happy. Apparently, She had reason to be so. This would not be our last Engagement.

The Order took a bit longer than it has on some visits. This was pleasing. The Venue was by no means busy, more preparation time. The Best Curry Memories at The International have been when the Curry did not appear too quickly. This looks good….

As with the Lamb Chops Achari enjoyed by Clive and Hector on my last visit, The Hector Curry was served in a Large Glass Dish, Superb. Marg was presented with Four Lamb Chops, enough. I was permitted a sample – Oh Yes! Marg described them as – Lovely, Juicy… The Best Ever! So Tender, yet Grilled.   No more need be said.

The Lamb Desi was everything hoped for. The Darkness was Enticing, Methi was evident but the Curry was not Thick with Leaf, yet the Masala itself was.  With the Seasoning – Spot on – a Memorable Curry.

The Lamb was scooped with the Ample Chapattis. Marg has seen Hector in Curry Ecstasy before, maybe she was distracted by The Chops. The Young Waiter came over for the customary check. I offered my – Congratulations, to Whoever. It is rare one sees The Chefs at The International.

Hector is not Impaired

The Hands had to be washed, the Facilities used. The doors separating the Ladies and Gents were open. That was a good one – came a Female voice from not too distant a locus. If one can’t do it here, then where? – was the reply. As I took my seat I related the events to Marg. The next Lady to emerge will be wondering… she came out, I smiled – Was it was you?   The same Doris who had spoken to Marg earlier. She was in a Party Mood, one deduces something had happened today to make her Particularly Happy. Perhaps one day she will read this and tell the world.

The Two Faces of Hector

Eating is a Serious Business.

 The Bill

£15.40. £10.00 for an Outstanding Curry.

The Aftermath

Hector felt the need to update the – Taken with – Photos. So, Khalid, Mr. Bashir and Hector took the Opperchancity of Marg on Camera.

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