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The Afghan Village (607 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2QG) has been in operation for some eight months Mein Host told me after he informed me about the Perils of Parking on this busy main road. With the Long Established Shahed’s the other side of the Traffic Lights, they have Serious Competition. This Venue was the Pakistani Café, Twice. With only a few tables this is very much a Takeaway First and place to sit Second. Shahed’s is Takeaway only so the nearest Sit-in is on Victoria Rd, but then One is then in Yadgar Territory. Whilst they open at Noon every day, they do not apparently serve at the tables until 14.00, according to The Menu.

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Hector took his seat just before 17.00, I was very much The Lone Diner. The door was wedged open, a cold blast was coming in, just as well I had a fleece.

The Menu was very Standard in terms of Curry Dishes. I had hoped to find a Replacement for The Khyber which is dearly missed. There were Three Karahi Dishes on offer. Straightforward Lamb Karahi is £7.00, Desi Karahi Gosht (on-the-bone) is available at £7.95. Mein Host assured me that the Half Kilo of Namak Mandi Karahi Lamb at £11.99 was the same Curry as the Desi. A Half Kilo? Perfect. Spicy? Yes. Mein Host promised that no Capsicum would appear in the Karahi. Two Chapattis (50p) would accompany. No Sparkling Water was available, a Sprite had to suffice.

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Mein Host took the order then disappeared, the Parking ordeal. I was left listening to an Electronic Muriel which had a Photo of a Tropical Island and the ambient sound of breaking waves and seagulls. When Mein Host returned I had to ask him to shut the door, Hector was being poisoned by the exhaust fumes from the queuing traffic outside.

I had time to study The Menu. The usual Kebab Fayre was on offer, with Pizza also. The Donner Kebab flames were not lit. Poppadoms were 50p each with Mixed Pickle at £1.00. All the Standard Curry Dishes were there, so much for the Afghan Influence. Still, there was a sense of Anticipation, what would their Interpretation of Karahi be?

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Mein Host brought a Modest Salad and a Bowl of Raita on a tray. This was immediately followed by the Main EvAfghan Village Glasgow (12)ent. Substantial but Oily was my first take. The Chef appeared from the Kitchen. They watched me take the Ritual Photos. Simple Cooking – is how The Chef described their Style. Different from the Other Places around here – was also his claim.

The Food was so Hot I could only Dip the Sound Chapatti into the Masala at first. No way could I tackle the Lamb. The Taste was very familiar. It was exactly how the Masala turns out if One follows the Above Recipes and put in all of the Vegetable Oil suggested. Very Pleasant – I thought, though I believe John S. would have had an issue with the Oil Content. The Masala was Rich in Fresh Tomato, it was a Decent Consistency and could in no way be described as Dry. The Herb Content was Significant, Sufficient Methi and Coriander. After Half a Chapatti I was able to start on the Lamb. There was an Array of Bones so this came from a Variety of Cuts. The Lamb was Excellent, Very Tender. The Half Kilo was Perfect given the Bone content. A Portion would probably not have been enough.

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I had to ask for Napkins, and a Fork to eat the Salad. A Plastic Fork was provided. The Metal Spoon in the Karahi proved useful for eating the Curry.

I ate, They watched. I suspect The Chef was enjoying the Meal as much as I was.

The Bill

£14.00. A Good Round Sum.

The Aftermath

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I gave both Mein Host and The Chef the Calling Card. I tried to show them the Curry-Heute Website, however, Strathbungo is notorious for having a poor Phone Signal. I spotted what I thought was Dried Methi under the Glass Counter. No that’s Oregano for the Pizzas – Mein Host told me. The Chef returned with his Tray of Dried Methi, it was Identical.

Pleasant Chaps. I wish them well. I would not rule out a Return Visit.


The Afghan Village did not last long.  This is now Ranjit’s Kitchen

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