An Immediate Return to The New Karahi Palace

New Karahi Palace March8 (1)John posted a Photo of Lamb Karahi – Hector-style – during the week as served at The New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) on the Media format of his choice. Hector needs no further resolve or motivation. The Appetite was deliberately maintained during the regular Day-Trip to the Drovers Rest at Monkhill, Carlisle. Twelve had travelled, only Mags was still on for Curry as we arrived at Glasgow Central just after 20.00. Curry Time. Neil went straight home, to his sorrow.

Shahid was having a night off, instead Ayaz, Mein Host was there to greet us. Rashid – The Chef – was in his usual spot. This was the First Time Ayaz had taken my order. The Hector Karahi was described – Extra Methi, Extra Seasoning. Rashid now knows, especially if Others are now coming in and asking for this wonderful Dish served – My Way. Chapattis would accompany, nothing else is permitted.

Mags stuck to her Favourite Curry – Aloo Gosht. She was permitted Rice, Mushroom Rice.

Sometime a Great Salad

New Karahi Palace March8 (2)New Karahi Palace March8 (3)

Tonight We were treated to the Modest Salad and the Impressive Raita. Again I held back, I knew what was coming, keep the Taste-buds, the Palate, the Anticipation, intact. The Delivery Chaps have now started acknowledging Hector. I am becoming a Serious Regular.

A Massive Karahi

New Karahi Palace March8 (5)New Karahi Palace March8 (6)

The Ritual Photo was taken, then another. The Relief had to be shown. This was a Larger Portion than the Norm and the Norm is Satisfying. The Lamb Towered above the level of the Karahi. Hector was being spoiled. This was appreciated.

New Karahi Palace March8 (8)The First Dip raised a Hector Gasp. Mags assumed I had burned my mouth. The Curry was that Hot. Indeed, how does One put Food into One’s Mouth which cannot actually be touched with Fingers?

The Gasp was the shock of the Flavour  –  I have just had a Blast of Flavour. The Pleasure that is about to follow will be off the scale.

The Mushy Minimal Masala, the Copious Tender Lamb, the Spice, ah The Flavours from a Curry served at The New Karahi Palace! This Venue has been in the list of Hector’s Recommended Curry Houses for some time. Definitely One of the Five Top Glasgow Curry Venues, and Two are on the same street!

New Karahi Palace March8 (9)Ayaz brought the Second Chapatti, great to see it arrive Fresh and Piping Hot. I glanced over at Rashid and gave the thumbs up.

I really could eat here everyday.

Meanwhile Across The Table

Mags too was coming to terms with the Combined Temperature and Spice. She resolved early that the Volume would defeat her, a Takeaway was the solution. The strategy evolved into tackling the Potatoes. At the end I offered some of the Masala from my own Dish to add to her Takeaway.

New Karahi Palace March8 (11)I thoroughly enjoyed the Curry, and would have done so even more if it had been Cooler.


Ayaz came across to ask the Customary Question – Is your Food OK?

No! – I don’t come here for OK Food. I come here for Outstanding Curry!

This is Outstanding!

New Karahi Palace March8 (10)New Karahi Palace March8 (12)

The Bill

£17.70. One can almost afford to eat here Everyday.

The Aftermath

A Realisation:

Just how Good can The New Karahi Palace become?

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2 Responses to An Immediate Return to The New Karahi Palace

  1. John S says:

    I would have been better writing that in URDU for all the sense it makes. You get the gist.

    Hector replies:

    If you waited longer than a ‘Robin’, you could well be fluent by now…

  2. John S says:

    Three of us descended on NKP Thursday evening. Two of us “first timers”. Three Lamb Chop Karahis (Hector Style) later, all were more than impressed. The fact that it took more than a ” Robin” to be served as we were all more than entertained by the Karachi Broadcasting Corporation and honing our Urdu simultaneously.

    Hector replies:

    I was entertained by the election results coming in one night.

    It is worth introducing yourself to Rashid, the Chef. He knows you know, how to prepare the meanest North-West Frontier Curry currently being served in the City of Glasgow.

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