Yadgar – Open for Business as Usual

Yadgar Business as usual (9)If I don’t have a Yadgar (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) Curry this weekend, another month will pass by. And so Goshat Karahi for One was arranged for 15.30 this afternoon. With the timing designed to appeal to members of the BBC, there was no surprise when Howard, Tracey and Jonathan all joined in the fun. We were almost a Fifth, and even a Sixth. Meanwhile Marg was away winning another Hockey Trophy.

Howard and Tracey pulled up outside The Mess that is the Yadgar Street Scene at present. The Scaffolding has been in situ for the best part of the last year as the Tenement above is renovated. Currently, one cannot see The Best of All Glasgow Curry Sources from the Road. This is quite off-putting, anyone arriving for the First Time may well go elsewhere. However, behind the Scaffolding it is – Business as Usual.

Yadgar Business as usual (2)Yadgar Business as usual (1)

Yadgar Business as usual (3)Yadgar Business as usual (20)

Howard and Tracey were Punctual, arriving as I did. Jonathan was only Two Minutes Late, Very Punctual. Shkoor was behind the Counter and greeted us on entry. Ahmed is no more, a new Young Waiter made his first acquaintance with The Friends of Hector.

Yadgar Business as usual (4)Yadgar Business as usual (5)

Yadgar Business as usual (6)Poppadoms, Spiced Onions and Dips were brought along with Four Cans of Rubicon Mango. Not a word had been said, this is the Customary Level of Service at Yadgar. These Spiced Onions are Woe… Eye Watering – said Tracey. A Salad had appeared, the Munching continued. Again with no Ceremony, a Plate of Fish Pakora was laid before us. Jonathan remarked that the Distinctive Yadgar Fish Starter Taste was evident here. We were in danger of being stuffed before The Main Event.

The Table was cleared and Fresh Plates and Utensils provided. Chapattis were confirmed as the only Accompaniment. Shkoor brought Two Large Karahi to the Table. One was piled high with Lamb on-the-bone, the other had a Single Portion (aye right) of Boneless Goshat Karahi. The Boneless was for Jonathan, no way he could eat all that. The Curry Tower was at least for the remaining Three to share. A Tray of Chapattis arrived moments later, more would follow as and when.

Yadgar Business as usual (7)Yadgar Business as usual (8)

We were sorting out the Curry when two more Plates of Food were set before us. One was obviously the Yadgar Five Leaf Masala, the other, well…?

Yadgar Business as usual (11)Yadgar Business as usual (12)

I found a Single Large Ball, which I cut up, sitting in a Mass of Yellow Masala. Vegetable Kofta – was my interpretation. Cauliflower – thought Jonathan. Potato – said Howard. Tracey was getting Pickle from it, we were well confused. Shkoor pronounced the name of this Sample, I asked for the spelling.

C – u – r – r- y

That’ll never catch on – I insisted. We need a new name. Shkoor suggested – Kurry.

The Masala was made from a Mixture of Yoghurt and Gram Flour. Methi and Pickle also featured. A Traditional Farmers’ Dish – was how Shkoor described this Novelty.

Yadgar Business as usual (16)Yadgar Business as usual (13)

Distractions out of the way, it was time to Savour the Moment. The Tenderest of Lamb shrouded in the Wonder that is the Yadgar Masala. Spice and Seasoning had never been mentioned at the time of ordering. I had asked for the Karahi to be served – Yadgar-style, I had not insisted on any Hector Tweaks. The Seasoning was definitely in One’s Face, on the edge – as Howard described it. Inevitably Erlangen came into the discussion. Without Salt one cannot achieve this Intensity of Flavours. The Richness was Overpowering. One could not eat this everyday – I remarked. This was a Wonderful Treat, and it continued.

Yadgar Business as usual (14)Yadgar Business as usual (15)

Yadgar Business as usual (17)The Main Karahi went around the Table once more, and still there was plenty. I tried to order a second Stomach, but apparently they needed more notice to comply with this request.

Meanwhile Jonathan was well under-way with his – Modest Portion.

Marrow Bone Jelly – said Howard as he sucked on a Bone. That is what Jonathan misses out on, the Bones give the Karahi that extra Oomph of Flavour. Still, we ate until it was agreed that Tracey would have a Doggy Bag with the Surplus at the base of both Karahi.

Mr Anwar Sr. came out for a chat as we concluded our Feast. He is far from amused at the length of time it has taken to complete the exterior works. He showed us the patches on the ceiling and floor where internal works had been carried out. Shkoor had already mentioned another Eight Weeks for the roof tiles to arrive. By the summer they should get the access to their Business back to looking presentable. They also face a hefty bill, common repairs? Only then can they consider an upgrade to the layout and décor of the interior of Yadgar. As the banner on the scaffolding says, they remain – Open for Business as Usual.

Yadgar Business as usual (19)Yadgar Business as usual (18)

Now, who is going to tell me the significance of the Minar-e-Pakistan which is featured on the banner?

The Bill

There is a Tradition that having been fed, we have to give you some Paper Tokens as a mark of our enjoyment. A Tradition I think we must continue.

£50.00. For the Quantity of Food and Quality of Service, I believe people may pay this per head in some establishments.

The Aftermath

Tracey and Hector drove home in their respective vehicles. Jonathan also drove home to drop off his vehicle before joining Howard at The Allison Arms for the BBC. No Robin today, I believe his current level of discomfort may be even greater than Hector’s.

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3 Responses to Yadgar – Open for Business as Usual

  1. Howard Young says:

    I did speculate at the start that it may have been pakora. I’m sure I’ve seen it in Yadgar before.

    Hector replies:

    I thought you may have continued the speculation about the Yadgar Logo and architecture…

  2. Ahmed says:

    The Tower icon is the “Minar-e-Pakistan” (Minar is Urdu for Minaret).

    It is a public monument located in Iqbal Park in Lahore, Pakistan. The Minar was constructed during the 1960s on the site where, on 23 March 1940, the All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution, the first official call for a separate homeland for the Muslims living in the South Asia, in accordance with the two nation theory. Its architect was a Russian from the Dagestan region.

  3. Ahmed says:

    The “vegetable kofta” in the Kurry would be a simple pakora. Not usually a restaurant staple in our part of the world.

    Hector replies:

    I was hoping you would shed some light on the Tower Icon which frequently accompanies pictorial references to Yadgar, and is featured on the banner of our favourite restaurant.

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