Hot Chili – Kraków – The Restaurant which Serves what it says On The Tin

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There has been a lot of Curry consumed of late, The Saga continues. Hector and Marg are in Kraków for a few days, at the same time as last year. It has been agreed that Polish Food will be consumed of an evening, Curry for Lunch. However as we arrived yesterday, my all time Favourite Polish Dish – Golabki – became Lunch #1. Dr. Rick would have approved, his Favourite too.

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (2)Hot Chili (ul. Pjarska 9, 31-015, Kraków, Polska) is located at the Northern End of Stare Miasto, the Old Town. Marg actually spotted it First as she took me on the hunt for a Coffee House. I found the Coffee House. Ceteris Paribus.

Two Chaps were in the Side Room, Marg chose a corner Table in the Main Room. The Waitress brought the Menu and took the Drinks Order, Sparkling Water and Mango Lassi. Now for some reading.

The Menu covered the Mainstream. The Fish was tempting but when I noted the description of the Lamb Palak it had to be – Cooked with Spinach and Fresh Tomatoes. An Aloo Paratha (10 Zl) would Accompany, for a brief moment I considered Gobi Paratha, a First, but for comparison purposes kept to the Traditional.

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (3)

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (4)

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (5)Marg would try the Mixed Pakora, a Snack.

The Waitress enquired about How Spicy I would like the Curry.

Spicy is good.

Indian Spicy?

Not a Problem.

After-all, in Europe, how often do they serve Blisteringly Hot Curry?

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (7)Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (6)

Hot Chili appears to advertise itself as much as a Pizza Restaurant as well as a Source of Indian Food. Pizza was not on The Menu I was supplied with. Marg concurs. A glass display cabinet was filled with boxes of Mixed Spice for Specific Dishes e.g. Fish Curry, as well as the usual Array of spices. A Box of Methi took pride of place, there was hope. The Chaps left, we were The Lone Diners.

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (8)Two Dips preceded the arrival of the Pakora. Marg noted Cauliflower, Onion and Mashed Potato as being the Ingredients of the Variety presented. Fresh and Crispy – was her verdict. They looked Decent.

The Lamb Palak had a Green and Creamy Appearance, there was no doubt Yoghurt in the Masala. At around £7.00 for the Main Course, the Portion Size initially appeared Fine. The Spice Level hit Hector full on immediately. When The Waitress came over to ask The Customary Question I had to congratulate her on the Spice Level. This was Vindaloo Strength, and More. I cannot recall the last time I had a Curry this Spicy!

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (11)Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (9)

The Spice Level of course meant that other Flavours had difficulty coming through. The Spinach was there in the background. This cleared the sinuses. Some might not have coped, so may I suggest that One Level down from Indian may be the required Spice Level for any Future Visitors.

The Lamb Content turned out to be a bit on the Small side and was no doubt taken from the Lamb Pot which had been simmering for days. Any Softer and the Lamb would have been Pulp. Or else, One can describe this as – Tender as Lamb can be.

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (10)The Lamb was eaten mostly with the supplied Spoon and the Masala mopped up with the Paratha. The Flour used in making the Paratha may not have been what is used in the UK. The Potato content was excellent, as good as a Side Dish in its own right.

This was a Curry not for – The Feint of Heart. A Good Blast, 1 v 0 to The Chef.

The Bill

73 Zl. (£17.00) A Decent Price given the inclusion of the Starter and the Lassi.

The Aftermath

I gave the Calling Card to The Waitress and showed her the Two previous Krakow Entries in Curry-Heute. She said she would fetch The Chef.

Hot Chili Krakow Curry-Heute (12)Surjit emerged from the Kitchen and introduced himself to Marg and myself. He too took a moment to look at Curry-Heute and realised what Hector was about. His Card was given in exchange.

As with Everywhere we have been in Kraków, Friendly People giving Good Service.  As for The Curry –

Medium, with a Kick, next time.

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