Indus Tandoor – Kraków – The Man from Bradford says Yes

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (1)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (2)

Today was the Day of Ricky’s Ill-fated Brewery Trip to Pracownia Browar Piwa…  Five of us went, then we were Three. Meanwhile Mick was underground. A Story best told elsewhere.

Once The Six were re-assembled we marched into the Indus Tandoor (ul. Krowoderska 23, 31-000, Kraków, Polska) late afternoon, and were shown into a Small Room on the Right.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (3)Ricky, Our Man from Bradford, and Hector had previously dined at this Curry House. We had been impressed enough to agree that if we were having a Curry on This Trip, it would be at the Indus Tandoor. Mick, also from Bradford, and Geoff from L66ds made up the Yorkshire Contingent. Marg and Steve completed the Group of Three Scots. Between us there were many fixed ideas on what makes Quality Curry.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (6)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (7)

Fortunately, a Well-known and Reliable Curry Blog was able to suggest that the Kadhai Lamb was a good starting point. Geoff, Steve and Hector ordered the Kadhai Lamb,  asking for Spicy. Marg followed this lead – Kadhai Fish. Ricky ordered Lamb Spinach (Spicy) whilst Mick brought up the rear with a Mixed Biryani.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (9)Last Visit, the Vegetable Rice impressed, especially with the Cheese content, Hector kept to the Tried and Tested and also ordered a Dal Makhani (Medium) for All to share. Mushroom Pilao for Steve, and Piaza Pilao (Onions) completed the Rice order. Geoff ordered a Naan, and Marg a Garlic Naan.

Who Mentioned Starters?

Ricky judges everywhere by the quality of their Seekh Kebabs and so One was ordered. Steve decided that Soup was required – Our Speciality.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (12)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (14)

For the record, the Facilities are not actually in this Venue, but across a Corridor, next door. As I returned to the room, Everyone was eating, Strange, I had only recorded Two Starters and Poppadoms. A Complimentary Starter had been provided. A near empty plate sat at My Spot.  The Man from Bradford had already scoffed his (mine).   A Potato Pancake with accompanying Dip and Salad. A Nice Touch, even though the Pancakes were on the Dry side.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (15)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (17)

The Seekh Kebab bore a very strong resemblance to a Spicy Polish Sausage. A Complete Failure – was Ricky’s take. I was permitted a Sample – Spicy Polish Sausage. It was not a Seekh Kebab. Note to self – Add the Recipe to the above link.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (18)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (19)

The Soup was Something Else. From the moment it arrived there was a fuss. Steve had to Sup his Soup whilst it was analysed. Delicious! Creamy, Coriander, Cheese, Onions, Chicken, Ginger – were all identified. Marg managed a Sample. Our Speciality – will be ordered next time.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (22)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (23)

Miss T

My Curryspondent is currently in India, I don’t know why, there are No Indian Restaurants there… A text came in to the Less than Trusty Samsung whose battery was fading fast after the demands of the Pracownia Browar Trip. Miss T declared – It is my task as Associate Curryspondent to confirm that Lamb on-the-bone –Dry – is standard in India. And that Paneer Dishes are amazing!

Mick, who is also well travelled, followed this spontaneously with – And no Capsicum!

This Man from Bradford said – No! Hector had just ordered Paneer. A Spooky Moment.

The Trusty Samsung then gave up, the Back-up Smart Charger had bent then broken in Hector’s Pocket. If ever there was a Sign that I was not to interrogate the Five as to providing detailed descriptions of their Curry…

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (25)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (27)

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (10)The Kadhai Lamb was decidedly Spicy. I’m blown away by Spice – remarked Geoff. It’s my own fault for asking for it Spicy. I’m burning. Well, it did have a Kick, that the Man from L666s would be shocked by Decent Curry, is the attitude of us from Glasgow and Bradford. For Hector the Seasoning was pitched at the right level permitting the other Flavours to come though. Ricky had a Nibble just to confirm this was Decent Curry. Marg, however, had the Best Dish of them all. Excellent! The Kadhai Fish had similarly Sufficient Masala but had the added Bonus of the Fish. This was Truly Impressive and will be the Dish for Hector on his next visit.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (38)

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (37)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (32)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (35)

The Naans were definitely on the Thin Side but had been well fired, as indeed had the Poppadoms which had flashed past my eyes earlier. The Rice Portions were Large, enough still for Two. The Vegetable Rice is not to be missed. The Cheese added an Additional Texture to the Array, different from the Norm, I nearly managed to eat all of the Rice.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (33)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (31)

Mick’s Biryani was described as – Hot – more than Once. Ricky did contradict this having sampled the other Spicy Dishes on offer around the table. The Biryani Bowl came my way, it was remarkably full of Flavour. If I recall correctly, the Masala did not come as a separate Pour-on, but was Integral when served.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (28)Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (30)

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (29)Of the Lamb Spinach, That were alright – Said the Man from Bradford. I said that last time. Praise indeed.

The Man from Bradford had departed from his usual Chapatti/Roti at my suggestion. Ricky was concerned about Mr. Boyd ever seeing a Photo of him consuming Rice with Curry.  That could never happen.

Indus Krakow April2014 Curry-Heute (26)

The Dal Makhani was as good as remembered.  Thick and Creamy, an Excellent Side, regardless of having ordered a Full Portion. This was duly passed around for the appreciation of those who have yet to become absorbed by this Dish of Distraction (away from Meat).

Ricky restated that he rarely contemplates Curry outside of Glasgow, Bradford and Manchester these days. The Indus Tandoor impressed us yet again.

Given the range of Dishes now sampled over Two Visits, this Venue must be added to the list of Hector’s  Recommended Curry Houses.

The Bill

375.50 Zl. (£80.00) No Tap Water was available and so Four Pints of Yellow, Fizzy Lager were part of this – Six Diners.

The Aftermath

Mein Host accepted the Calling Card and asked whose Website this was. He then chatted for quite a bit enquiring as to our collective appreciation of Curry.  Being from the Punjab, he will know Real Curry.

20140417_174537Ganesh Krakow

Marg and Hector return to Krakow in October. Pendragon are performing in Katowice! The dilemma now is whether to accept the Indus Tandoor as – The Place – in Krakow to eat Curry or continue the exploration. Two Venues have yet to be tried. The Ganeesh (ul Tomasza) also in the Stare Miasto (Old Town) or across the Vistula River from Kazimierz lies Kinga (ul Zamkova).

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