Yadgar Used to be a Barber Shop – Where’s the BBC?

Curry-Heute MaydaySitting at the Place of Work this morning waiting for the Official Start of the day, Hector spotted an announcement on a well known media site. Naveed from Yadgar (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) had invited All to come and bring Photos, the BBC were coming to make a Documentary at 13.00. Very precise. At 11.00 it was realised I could be there. Dispensation was sought, Hector would not be missed. There are few days in the year where this is possible.

En route I phoned Shkoor, Mein Host, sorry for waking you up… He had a different take. The BBC were scheduled to be in the area, interviewing about the Local Minorities’ views on the forthcoming Independence Referendum. I was on my way and was not about to break The First Rule of Curry. I took the Opperchancity of ordering a Goshat Karahi, Thursday Lunchtime Decadence. One would think it was Hector’s Birthday.

A Curry-Heute First

Yadgar May1 Curry-Heute (1)Assuming I had been sent for a long wait, all the Toys were brought. So this is the First ever Live Curry-Heute Blog entry from a Curry House. Who needs the BBC? And as far as ‘The Other’ BBC goes, nothing from them yet either.

It is usually mid-afternoon when I eat at Yadgar. Lunchtime Curry? I arrived at 13.20. Trade was steady throughout the visit for Takeaway and Sitting in. No Pizza for a change, Everyone was eating the Real Food. A Chap was at the Counter as I took my seat surveying what was on offer. He appeared unsure of himself. When Shkoor mentioned Lamb with Karela there wasn’t a flicker from the Chap, there was a thumbs up from Hector.

Yadgar May1 Curry-Heute (2)The usual Complimentary Poppadom and Spiced Onion arrived in a Flash. Alan had texted this morning to inform me that an Award Winning Helensburgh Curry House had offered him Complimentary Poppadoms and then charged for them. Who wins awards anyway? Hector was busy writing up last night’s Curry on the Hill.

The Room is much brighter now. The Scaffolding is off the building. The Red Sandstone restored to something resembling its original splendour. These buildings must be a Century Old and more. At present, Anyone who does not know where Yadgar is will not find it. The Sign-age above the door has gone. Yadgar is temporarily anonymous. Maybe the BBC will not find us.

There is a Sign in the window advertising for a New Waiter. Ahmed is long gone. Must speak fluent.. can’t read it, so I don’t…

Yadgar May1 Curry-Heute (5)Yadgar May1 Curry-Heute (3)

Shkoor brought a Metal Tray on which was One Chapatti, a Hector Portion of Goshat Karahi and a Side of Aloo Gobi. Naveed brought a Second Chapatti some Five Minutes later. This is better than the normal sandwich, yoghurt and fruit. Where to begin?

The Lamb was on-the-bone, how else? The Masala Shrouded, the word used to describe the Yadgar Masala. The Lamb was Shrouded. The Thick and Minimal Masala packed with the Yadgar Distinctive Flavours, but this had something else. The Seasoning was definitely Significant. Then I spotted the tell tale sign, the Flat Bitter Gourd – Karela. It was from here that the Salt Content which would feature at the Top End of the Erlangen Seasoning Scale was emanating. I had to ask. Shkoor described how the Karela is stripped of its Outer Spikes and the Inner Seeds removed. This leftover Skin is then soaked in Salt for Twenty Four Hours to take out the Bitterness. The Result? A Curry that is Very Demanding, a Treat. One could not eat this Every Day, Savour The Moment.

Yadgar May1 Curry-Heute (4)The Aloo Gobi was not ordered, it just came, the Yadgar Way. How they get this much Flavour into their Vegetable Dishes is unfathomable. There was Oil collecting at the Base of the Plate. It must be in the (Mustard?) Oil.

I don’t suppose I can offer you Dessert?  If you could eat Dessert, you could eat more Meat!

Or Vegetables.

Not knowing what will give out First, the Batteries or the Patience, it is time to Post Part 1. T’Internet signal in Calder St ain’t Wonderful.

 Two Hours, no BBC.  Home.

Part 2

Yadgar May 1 Curry-Heute (2)As I was putting the finishing touches to the above, a Chap entered carrying samples.  Shkoor engaged him, they were discussing the redecoration of the Restaurant.


Shkoor –We are now in Official Redecorating Mode.

There will be no Mezzanine.  The Decor will include new tables and chairs. LED lights.

The Bill

There was a Bill…

The Aftermath

Chatting with Naveed, he reaffirmed that the BBC had phoned to say they were coming this afternoon.  The Plan was to make a Programme highlighting the various Food Styles available in the area.

Shkoor was back in Referendum mode. I was asked what I thought the outcome would be in the September Referndum.

The closer it gets, the more the Answer will be Yes!

The more People tell us what we can and and cannot do…

And the Barbershop?

It’s amazing what One can overhear whilst minding One’s own business.


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