Platanias (Crete) Krisna – Authentic Indian Restaurant – A Curry House which lives up to its name

Day 4  in Crete

Firstly one had to travel from Chania, westwards along the north coast of Crete to Platanias:

Take the long bus – said the Information Doris at the Bus Station.

With the War Shelter reportedly closing at 16.00, a 15.00 arrival was the plan. It was 15.15 when I reached the highest point in Platanias. The War Shelter opening times are 10.00 until 12.00, then 17.00 until 20.00. Finding the Curry House became the next objective.

Krisna – Authentic Indian Restaurant (PEO Kissamou Chanion 102, Platanias 730 14 Crete) also opened at 17.00, though the upstairs premises clearly had open windows, somebody must have been inside. Perhaps they too had been open earlier today?

A stroll along the beach was followed by another climb up the hill, no point in arriving at the War Shelter as a sweaty blob. Time for the first Ice Cream of this Trip, and an Opperchancity to take in the view.

Hector was the first customer of the session, arriving at 17.40. I chose the small table one in from the balcony to take advantage of any breeze. The Serving Chaps were watching Athletics on the TV and Cricket on a laptop. Meanwhile a Chap was in the Open Kitchen awaiting some action.

The elder of the two Serving Chaps, Mein Host, brought the Menu. A quick glance revealed a novelty:

Choose your sauce

For Hector, Sambar looked the most promising, surely the Lentils would guarantee Substance in the Masala?

All the bases for Classic Curry Dishes were described by content and Spice Level. Thereafter, it was a case of selecting which Meat. As ever for The Hector, it had to be Lamb, though I will admit to not spotting – Fish.

The Egg Fried Rice (€4.50) would provide a Diversity of Vegetables. As per two days ago at Namaste (Chania), I opened the – Curry-Heute Campaign – page to have a photo of the – Dreaded Vegetable – just in case.

I showed Mein Host the Curry-Heute Homepage and advised that I was looking for a Curry with a Minimal and Thick Masala, and no Capsicum.

Not Soup.

How Spicy?

We eventually agreed on Spicy but not Silly.

You like Coriander?

Now we’re talking.

Do you have Methi/Fenugreek.

The reply was positive. Mein Host carefully noted all the required – Tweaks – he said he would advise Chef. Is this not how – all Curry – should be ordered, to cater for Individual Preferences, not just – take it how it comes? Lamb Sambar (€11.50) it was, a South Indian Curry, would it have the Smokey Red Chillies?

There had to be liquid. A 250ml Bottle of Sparkling Water was €2.50. A half litre Bottle of Fix was €3.50. So Bier is cheaper than Water, how can this be? And what does it say about the Quality of Greek Bier?

I had plenty of time to take in my surroundings and photograph every page of the Menu. I counted forty eight seats at various combinations of tables, four of which were on the balcony. I was sat beside the wall painted with the Taj Mahal, where was the scaffolding on three of the four towers? That’s not the Taj Mahal I know.

At 18.00 two Locals came in and were sat immediately behind me on the balcony. Perhaps that was their preferred table? Still, I always find it strange when Restaurateurs create clusters.

Mein Host crossed the room at pace bringing the Curry and Rice. The Aroma hit hard, I could smell the Very Familiar, had they dug up some Methi?

Excellent, that’s how I like my Curry! – I exclaimed.

Topped with Fresh Coriander and Sybees, here was the Thickest Masala I have seen in a long time. This Curry should surely impress.

The Rice was decanted, Corn, Carrots, Peas and Egg were present, so much better than just Meat and Masala, this makes a Meal. I took a plateful and knew I would never eat it all, another European example of Wasting Rice. There was easily enough for two people here.

The Meat content was well into double figures, it was time to taste.

The Kick was Significant, pitched perfectly, enough, no need to sweat further. The Seasoning was possibly a little below what I hope for, still, this was not going to impair my enjoyment of this Curry.

The Tender Lamb gave off Spice, it had been prepared honourably, this was not a rushed job taken from the Big Curry Pot. Indeed, in the Open Kitchen, I could see no Big Curry Pot. Perhaps in this climate, everything has to be kept in the fridge?

The Lentils added to the overall Thickness of the Masala, I often interchange – Dry – and – Thick – this was an Excellent Example of that which I seek. In time, the promised – Citrus – came through. There was a lot to praise here, I felt like going across to the kitchen and shaking Chef’s hand. Suddenly I was distracted. The Doris behind me was making a roll up, she lit it. Bad manners or what? Fortunately I was nearly finished and the wind direction was in my favour. I was ready to move tables for the final moments of this Memorable Curry, no need in the end.

Mein Host brought the Order to the adjacent table, an Opperchancity for me to hand over The Calling Card. The Card was given to his Colleague whom I would discover to be his Son. The Cricket was no more, Curry-Heute became the focus of attention.

The Slider which I recently added to the Homepage appeared to mesmerise. Of course, this is a selection of Curry Dishes which I hold to be – The Very Best. In time he scrolled on. It is a strange feeling to observe someone reading one’s life story.

The Bill

€19.50 (£17.10). Again I thank all those who voted for Brexit, not.

The Aftermath

On taking the photo of the kitchen I was amused to observe the same brand of Mixed Pickles as I have at home, which leads us to the sourcing of materials. Mein Host ask if I knew a supplier, as it happens I can put him in touch. Surprisingly, the conversation tuned to Bier. They are keen to stock Cans of Kingfisher, not the bland variety on sale across the UK, but the – Red – Kingfisher at 8.0% which I encountered last year in Jaipur. Re-reading my own account on, I see I preferred the Kingfisher Blue at 6.0%. As it happens, I have a contact with the UK distributors. It would appear that Hector and Krisna will be in touch again soon.

Krisna – Authentic Indian Restaurant – A Curry House that lives up to its name.

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