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Hector’s  favourite Curry-Haus am München

Indian Mango Munchen Curry-Heute (6)The first Blog entry on Curry-Heute  was for the Indian Mango Restaurant, (Zweibrückenstraße 15, 80331, München) near the Isartor S-Bahn station across from the Deutches Museum.  The Fish Chettinad, Fish Masala and the Lamb Madras and Lamb Chettinad are the dishes rated by Hector as outstanding. The cafe style is associated with lower prices. There is a €5 lunchtime menu which is excellent value too, however, when one is abroad, one should have a treat!

Rice is included and this always means value for money. Indeed, if you ever finish all of the accompanying rice you must have been ravenous.

The Curry is Consistently Outstanding

Indian Mango Nov16 (2)

Munchen Indian Mango Nov14 (19)

The kitchen is open plan, one can see the food prepared as one walks in the door.  Bier vom Fass is also available as if one went to München to drink Bier…

Indian Mango Nov10 (8)MangoOct15 (22)

As for the Curry: there is a distinctive house (or Desi) taste; it is slightly on the sweet side of what is served in the UK.   Either one takes to this or one does not.  The Chettinad Dishes are highly distinctive – try the Lamb or the Fish.

Indian Mango Muenchen Sunday Curry-Heute (9)When one goes to München these days a visit here is a must, Hector is tempted to do so everyday and there are few houses that come that highly recommended.

As of March 2013, Indian Mango is closed on Mondays.  The restaurant is also closed late December and over the New Year period.

Menu extracts, as published March 2015

Indian Mango Menu (2)

Indian Mango Menu (1)

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  2. Y. Yonesaka says:

    I’m now mailing from Japan.
    I used to live in Holzkirchen.

    Now I support to import Indian spice and beans for Indian restaurant in Japan.
    I’m searching for German quality spice and beans.
    So I search for same kind of shop in Munich.
    If you know shop, please introduce shop name.

    Hector replies:



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